TMC Overnight Visit Policy

The Master’s College is pleased to host visiting high school students (individuals or groups) throughout the semester. Please note that we cannot provide overnight housing during the first week of the semester, nor during finals week, nor during Spring Break, Thanksgiving Break, Summer Break, or Winter Break.

We require each overnight visiting student(s), regardless of age, to bring a signed copy of the official  TMC Overnight Stay Release Form signed by their parent or legal guardian (if they are 17 or younger) or signed by themselves (if they are 18 or older). We absolutely cannot allow any visiting student to stay overnight in the dorms unless they have provided us with a signed copy of the form. We can only provide overnight housing for visiting students. Parents and Chaperones are welcome to stay at any one of our local hotels.

Please note that most of our Overnight visitors will be sleeping on the floor of our dorm rooms. Our overnight visitors are responsible to bring their own sleeping bag, blanket, and pillows.

We ask that no overnight visitor be no younger than 15 years old. Also, if you are wanting to stay overnight in the dorms and are 25 years old or older, you must call the Admissions Office first. Please also note, that due to the demand of overnight housing, we can only provide housing in the dorms for prospective students who are legitimately interested in attending The Master’s College. We cannot provide housing for individuals who are not at least somewhat genuinely interested in possibly attending the traditional undergraduate program at TMC as one of their potential college choices.

Individual Overnight Visits:

The following is important information you should know when you visit TMC:

  • We ask that your overnight visit be limited to no more than 2 nights at TMC.
  • Each night’s stay is $20 per person.
  • We provide up to two meals during your stay: Additional meals can be purchased directly at the cafeteria for the following prices: $6 Breakfast, $7 Lunch, $8 Dinner.  We do not provide meals for students who make their own overnight accomodations.
  • We ask for one week’s notice in advance for planning individual overnight visits.
  • All overnight visitors must be between the ages of 15 - 25 years old.

Group Overnight Visits:

The following is important information you should know when bringing a group to visit TMC:

  • We ask that each group visit be limited to no more than 2 nights at TMC.
  • Each night’s stay, which includes up to two meals, is $20 per person.
  • For Group Visits of 10 or more students, we ask for at least 2 week’s notice. We will be unable to plan an overnight group visit larger than 10 people without at least 2 weeks’ advance notice.

Thank you for complying with our overnight visit policies. We are excited to host your group here at TMC, and trust that you will enjoy experiencing just a taste of what our campus has to offer! If you have any questions at all, please contact our Admissions Events Coordinator 800-568-6248 ext. 2602. See you soon!