Homeschool Applicants

“We believe that we provide an environment at the college that embraces all the values, all of the things that homeschooling families treasure. We understand that; I understand that… We take a student who comes to our college as a spiritual trust, with a responsibility to guard the student and to protect the student, and to continue to make sure that student holds dear all that their parents have invested in them. We are not trying to test what the parents have invested, we are trying to protect and preserve what those parents invested. It is a wonderful relationship that we enjoy with the families of those young people that have come to the college from a homeschooling background.”

-Dr. John MacArthur, President


The Master’s University welcomes applications from anyone who completed all or part of his/her high school curriculum through a home education. Home school applicants will follow the same admissions process as all other freshmen or transfer applicants.



What kind of transcript do you require?

We ask home school students to submit some form of documentation demonstrating the completion of all required high school course work. We will accept a diploma, G.E.D., or a California High School Proficiency Exam (California residents only). If the applicant is schooled under an “umbrella” organization, he/she should request the organization to submit proof of completion or an official transcript.

If an official transcript from an accredited high school is not available, please provide the following. Beginning with grade 9, your transcript should include the following information:

  • Course title (i.e., Algebra I, English 10, etc.)
  • Grade earned – when providing grade information be sure to provide a scale that shows the relationship between percentages and earned letter grades, even if you’re only
    reporting percentages
  • Credit earned – the standard measure for awarding credit is the Carnegie Unit, which awards one (1) credit for completion of a full year course that meets daily.

What high school course work is recommended to prepare me for college?

We require students to complete, at minimum, the following courses during high school: English – 4 units; Mathematics – 3 units; History – 2 units; Science – 2 units. (One unit represents two semesters or one school year).

Do I need to take a standardized test to attend?

All freshman applicants (applying with less than 24 college credits completed after high school graduation) must submit SAT or/and ACT test results. These scores help assess readiness for the college level academic workload.

Can I apply if I graduate from high school early?

Some home schooled applicants may finish their high school education at an accelerated pace and be ready to attend The Master’s University at an earlier age than their public or private high school counterparts. The college retains the right to defer an applicant’s entrance until such a time as it deems appropriate.


If you have other questions regarding the admissions process please do not hesitate to contact your admissions counselor.