What is it?

At The Master’s College, we are committed to building lives on the firm foundation of God’s Word. Pastors and missionaries labor to that end for the men and women they minister to, and that certainly includes their families.

We want to help.

The Master's College is pleased to offer a $5,000 grant aimed at helping God's faithful pastors and missionaries send their children to the college that is as committed to the centrality of Scripture as they are.

Who qualifies? (Recipients must meet all the following criteria)

  • Children of full-time pastors or missionaries who provide the primary income for their family;
  • New and transfer students for the 2014-2015 academic year;
  • Students who meet the classification of a full-time student and;
  • Students who maintain a minimum 2.0 grade point average.

What are the next steps?

What other scholarships are available?

The Pastor and Missionary Dependent Grant (PMD) is given in addition to other scholarships. Students who qualify for PMD will also qualify for the Christian Ministry Dependent Grant. This grant is for $3,000 and is given to students who are dependent on parents in full-time Christian ministry (Christian schools, pastors, missionaries, etc.) who provide the primary income for their families. Students may also qualify for:

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