21726 Placerita Canyon Rd. #32
Santa Clarita, CA 91321

About Me:

I was raised in the great state of Texas in a wonderful Christian home where I first heard about Master’s as my Dad is an alum of the college. I came to Master’s in 2012 to study biology pre-med and my time here ended up being more life changing than I could have ever imagined. It was during my four years at Master’s the Lord really showed me what it meant to live for Him through the examples of professors, mentors, and friends.

While at Master’s, along with studying biology, I was a part of the chorale, performed in theater productions, served as an RA in the dorms, and was given to opportunity to travel abroad to countries like Israel, France, Switzerland, Albania, and Croatia! Because of the size of Master’s I was able to utilize all of the resources and learn so much about life. The Lord also gave me brothers and sisters in Christ who I’ll be friends with for the rest of my life!

My plan is to eventually attend medical school and become and ER doctor; but I also knew I wanted to take some time off and work before starting medical school. When I started looking for jobs, I realized that I wanted to work somewhere I could invest into and really care about what the company or organization stood for. Then I realized, why not work and give back to a place that has already given so much to me? So right now I’m thrilled to be building relationships with students across the country. I love helping bring students to Master’s and watching them have their own fantastic experiences and grow in their knowledge and love of the Lord.

What is your favorite bible verse and why?

Titus 2:11-14. I love this verse because it’s such a clear definition of the gospel and what we have been saved from and saved into! We serve a great God!

Who would you consider your role model?

My parents, Dr. Paul Plew, Dr. Taylor Jones, and Jess Arnds (My former Resident Director).

How did your college experience change you?

It gave me a deeper hunger and need for knowledge and love of the Word and being in an environment that valued Scripture like Master’s does helped cultivate that in my heart. I also gained amazing friends that I’ll have for the rest of my life!   

What’s your favorite spot on the TMU campus to hang out?

The gym or athletic field!

What are some of your hobbies and/or interests?

I love snowboarding/longboarding but also singing and playing guitar at my church

What album is in playing on your Apple Music right now?

Colony House – When I Was Younger

What book are you currently reading?

Radical by David Platt