There are two ways to have two pages with the same content.


If you want to link to another page from your menu, but don't mind it taking them to a new menu, use a RedirectTo. For example, if you want Military Financial Aid as a link in your menu, but don't mind that someone clicking the link will take them from the Military Resource section (including the menu) to the Financial Aid section, use a RedirectTo.

Sync Page

If you want the content to be the same as another page outside your section, but the menu to stay the same as your other pages, use a Sync Page. Create it just like any other page, but instead of BasicPage choose Sync Page. Enter a page name and title, and set Sync With whose content you want displayed here.



Don't forget to set the menu to the same as your other pages.

Note: If you need a page synced with a page outside your permissions level, send a request to