The Master's College

Creating a New Page

Right click on the page in the navigation tree. Select "Create."


This will add a page below the current one. This will bring up a box where you will enter the page title. This is for the actual url. Make sure there's no punctuation and preferably only one or two words without spaces.

Go to the properties tab of a page on the same level and see what template is set. Then change the new pages template to be the same. This will set it at the proper level in the menu.


In the Meta Content tab, add a page title. This will show in the menu on the left and the title for bookmarking and the browser.


Other Pagetypes

Script Page

This allows you to embed HTML only.

External Link

Links out to an external page. Cannot be previewed unless you preview a page on the same level and try out the menu.


Redirects to another page on the site.