Student Advancement

The Master’s University is pleased to open its doors to students from many different backgrounds. The Office of Student Advancement provides a variety of services for students from multicultural, international, and military backgrounds including the following: orientation to assist in transition to life at The Master’s University, financial aid and admissions counseling, social activities, service opportunities, academic counseling, vocational planning, and discipleship.

International Student Advancement

The international community at The Master’s College includes over 100 international and third-culture kid (TCK) students from nearly 40 different countries. We desire to shepherd these students through their transition to The Master’s University, mobilize them toward involvement in all areas of campus, share their unique backgrounds with the campus at large, and provide opportunities for them to build authentic relationships with one another. Our staff actively promotes the spiritual, academic, and social success of these students through a pre-WOW orientation, a fall international retreat, service projects, prayer partners, a celebration of completion, personal counseling, and other community events.

Military Student Advancement

Our Military Resource Office aims to serve students in their transition into civilian and student life. Beginning with a unique orientation session that works within WOW, we are here to support students by promoting community, fellowshipping and offering encouragement as they become familiar with The Master’s University. Through special events and forums, we seek to provide opportunities for involvement in all areas of the campus. Whether students have served in the military, are serving, planning to serve, or involved in a ROTC program, we seek to be a resource during their time at TMU. Our office is also available to assist the students in answering any questions they may have regarding military educational benefits, such as the GI Bill and Tuitions Assistance.

Mulitcultural Student Advancement

We are committed to developing a distinctively Christian multicultural community under the lordship of Christ and according to His Word. We recognize that cultures not only stem from continents and countries, but arise within cities and regions in our nation. Through our Multicultural Student Advancement Office, we seek to serve and care for students who join us from diverse contexts. We desire to see students of different cultures participating in and contributing to campus life as well as the community through service and ministry opportunities. Clubs like the C3 Unity Club work to grow interpersonal relationships on campus and promote genuine Christian unity. Our culturally diverse chapel program and on-campus public forums provide opportunity for every student to grow in awareness and compassion toward multi-cultural issues.