2016 Global Outreach Teams



The Master's College desires to provide each student with an opportunity to participate in and learn from the work of God in an overseas cross-cultural setting. Ministry opportunities are selected based on the following critical factors: partnership with a local church, evangelistic opportunities, vocational participation, length of service, and partnership with TMC alumni. Teams are formed at the end of the Fall semester, receive training during the spring semester, and serve overseas during the summer.  All teams that minister through the Office of Global Outreach are led by students who are members of the Servant Leadership Staff.

The Preparation for Global Outreach class trains students in theological, philosophical, and practical aspects of short term mission: theology of missions, cultural research methods, logistical details, team-building, and health and safety, among others.


Brazil:  Men’s Soccer Team

Serving with Athletes in Action



Brazil: Men’s Basketball Team

Serving with Athletes in Action




Communications, PR, Education

Serving with ABWE

May 15 to June 20



Church Ministry, Education, TESOL

Serving with Action International

May 10 toJune 25



Youth Ministry, First Nations

Serving with Northern Canada Evangelical Mission

June 15 to July 30


East Asia*

TESOL, University Student outreach

Serving with ABWE

May 20 to July 6


Haiti:  Women’s Soccer Team

Community development and Orphanage



Israel: Women’s Basketball Team

Study and Serve

May 15 to May 25                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    


Business, Bible

Serving with Earthquake relief, pastoral training, and cultural survey

May 10-June 25



Church Ministry, Youth Ministry, Disability Outreach

Serving with The Elisha Foundation and a local Church

May 15-June 15



Pre-Med, PT, Biology  

Serving with ABWE at Hospital of Hope

May 24 to June 30


 *All details are fluid. Cost is $2975