Current Societies

International Justice Mission Campus Chapter

Established 2009


The Master’s College Society for Science and Mathematics

Established 2010

The purpose of the society is to encourage scientific scholarship, curiosity, inquiry, colleague fellowship, and educational activities in a God-honoring manner, in agreement with The Master’s College mission statement.  We seek to encourage camaraderie between science majors and faculty specifically, as well as the entire campus, to encourage student-faculty communication for the further development and sharpening of the science and math majors, and to provide community services such as: high school and peer tutoring, home school outreach, and environmental stewardship.  We seek to live as ambassadors of Christ and TMC to the scientific and educational community, and to engage in creation and bioethical research, discussion, and scholarship; we desire to pursue biblical truth in every arena of science.


C3 Unity

Established 2011

C3Unity exists to encourage students of TMC to embrace diversity as a reflection of the Kingdom of God and to foster an environment for students to model the kind of love and unity toward one another that values the contributions of all people.


Joga Bonito

Established 2011

Our purpose is to provide an avenue to pursue excellence in soccer while glorifying God in fostering of relationships.  We want to create an environment where the advanced soccer player and beginner player can learn from each other and play.  Because soccer is the world’s most popular sport and TMC has a large international community, this club promotes student body unity and provides a piece of home for those international students.


The Adventure Society

Established 2012

The purpose of the adventure society is to not only build community within TMC through recreational enjoyment, but also to have fun and form God honoring friendships through experiences that push the human body to new limits, reach new heights, and conquer the seemingly unconquerable.  The vision of the club is to enjoy God’s creation through various recreational activities such as: hiking, backpacking, camping, rock climbing, and bouldering.


Cross-Cultural Outreach

Established 2012

Our group believes that the best way to “teach evangelism” is while in the process in conjunction with a local church.  Our society seeks to explore the needs of the local residents of lower incomes and strategically looks for ways to meet those needs.  It seeks to help get students off-campus and to engage in the neighboring community.


The Investing and Finance Association

Established 2012

Our club exists to allow business majors to practice what they are learning and to continue gaining further understanding through experience.  We want to take what we have learned from our classes and grow in our understanding of it through firsthand experience.  We believe that the opportunity to learn from one another and teach the concepts of investments to students at TMC will be an incredibly useful tool in the future.  The group’s primary focus would be to learn the aspects of investing which include: reading charts and graphs, understanding the stock market, learning from speakers, investing in the stock market, and so forth.


The Gluten-Free Underground Society

Established 2012

The purpose of the Gluten-Free Underground Society is to increase awareness and knowledge regarding living in an enjoyable, godly life while managing a gluten-free diet.  We seek to help those who have dietary restrictions by forming a supportive organization that provides contacts and resources.


Master’s Ultimate Frisbee Society

Established 2012

Master’s Ultimate Frisbee Society meets about three times per week to play ultimate frisbee on campus with the goal of establishing a common bond through the way of competitive sport and forming strong friendships.


Men’s Club Volleyball Team

Established 2012

We desire to build sincere and Christ exalting relationships through the unifying context of competing together as a team.  Formed around a common passion for Christ and volleyball, we desire to provide competitive volleyball players the opportunity to develop and express their God-given athletic ability alongside fellow, like-minded students.  As a men’s volleyball team, we practice throughout the week and also compete against other local men’s college club teams within the Southern California Collegiate Volleyball League.


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