The Master's College

Pulpit Magazine to provide platform for college faculty, president

By Bob Dickson

The Master’s College president Dr. John MacArthur and political sciences professor Mathias Kern will be featured contributors to Pulpit Magazine, a monthly digital publication produced by Grace Community Church. The magazine, which launched in October, is now available on mobile devices such as iPad, iPhone, Kindle and Nook.

According to Pulpit Magazine managing editor Dave Jordan, the publication is intended to provide Dr. MacArthur and the magazine’s other contributors with a platform to address the issues touching the Body of Christ – issues that might not necessarily find a voice from the pulpit on Sunday mornings.

In a statement published on the Grace Church website, Dr. MacArthur said the following concerning the magazine:

“I understand you don’t need another blog or website to give you more information. That’s not why Pulpit is here. We’re here to help you think carefully and critically about all the information you already have. We read in 1 Corinthians 2:16 that, as believers, ‘We have the mind of Christ.’ Our desire is to help you think about issues in ministry, about your own life, about your preaching, about your church, about evangelism, and about the world by exercising the mind of Christ. We want to enhance and enrich your critical thinking faculties based upon an understanding of the Word of God. So everything that comes across in Pulpit Magazine is designed to refine you as a biblical thinker who understands the mind of Christ, so that you can have a worldview that is truly His.”

Jordan said the magazine is being produced with the full spectrum of available media in mind. In addition to regular articles from contributors, Pulpit will incorporate audio and video content and take full advantage of the digital industry’s multi-platform capacity.

“The beauty of photography is stunning on iPad,” Jordan said. “It’s more vibrant than on any other media you can view it on. We plan to have original photos for articles and we are looking to add more videos going forward.”

The real value in the publication will be, according to Jordan, the articles. Pulpit has assembled a team of scholars and church leaders representing several unique areas of expertise.

Dr. MacArthur will focus on the defining issues facing Christians today. Kern will publish articles aimed at helping believers understand the current global issues confronting the church. Other regular contributors include:

  • Phil Johnson bringing the truth of God to bear on polemic contemporary issues
  • Lance Quinn reviewing books written specifically for believers
  • Nathan Busenitz examining modern ministry through the lens of church history
  • Rich Gregory writing on Bible exposition
  • Alexander Strauch writing on biblical love and biblical eldership

“It’s a place to find out the latest thing John MacArthur is saying and doing,” Jordan said. “We also want to address things outside of the pulpit. We want to find a way to package all of that in one piece of content.”

The magazine began as a Grace Community Church blog that ran for several years. It was originally communicated to members of The Shepherds’ Conference Fellowship and grew from there. The newly envisioned digital rendition is aimed at a broader audience.

Jordan hopes to see readership reach into the tens of thousands per month – not unreasonable when you consider that like-minded blogs such as Cripplegate, which is produced by Busenitz, receives between 40,000 and 60,000 hits per month.

By linking Pulpit to sites such as Cripplegate, Jordan expects more than 300,000 people to learn about the magazine in its first months.

“The main goal is to make a sustainable product that nourishes people and pastors who go there,” Jordan says.

Anyone with a computer can access the text versions of the articles for free at Those wishing to subscribe to the magazine’s full digital content can download the application at the App Store on their digital device and search for “Pulpit Magazine.” Each issue costs 99 cents.