TMC graduates largest class ever in 88th commencement service


The atmosphere in the football stadium was electric as thousands of family members, friends and fellow students gathered to witness commencement for the largest graduating class in the history of The Master's College...

Meet the student artist behind the MacArthur Center quilling


Bugbee is a junior at The Master’s College, but he has already produced many commissioned art pieces, specifically quillings. His commissions include a quilling of the crest of The Master’s College that hangs in the MacArthur Center...

Biology students present research findings at recent conference


What type of soil does the teddy bear cholla cactus need to thrive? What role do bark beetles play in the ecosystem of high desert forests? Why do antibiotic-resistant halobacteria revert to an antibiotic-sensitive type over time?

Explore the Passages Bible exhibit with The Master's College on TMC Day


The Master's College is partnering with Passages, a traveling Bible museum, to offer half-price admission on Saturday, May 2. TMC Day is a chance to explore Passages’ interactive exhibits and 400 biblical artifacts...

Students, friends and alumni experience biblical sites on short-term study trips


Some say it’s the difference between reading the Bible in black and white or in color. Others say it’s the kind of opportunity that blows away all expectations. Either way, the experience is surreal...

The Master's College celebrates Passion Week with annual Forest Lawn concert


The line to get into the Forest Lawn Hall of Liberty snaked through the building and out the doorway in the minutes before The Master's College Music Department’s 31st annual Forest Lawn concert on Thursday, April 2.

Biblical Studies Department introduces Student Ministries Emphasis for fall 2015


Charles Spurgeon once said, “Getting children to meet in the morning and the afternoon is a waste of their steps and yours if you do not set before them soul-saving, soul-sustaining truth. Feed the lambs..."

TMC professors share biblical truth in weekly radio platform


Professors at The Master's College carry valuable perspectives into their classrooms. But now there is a way to hear from these learned men on a regular basis, even for those who don’t attend TMC...

College View Weekend offers visitors a taste of life at TMC


There is only so much that you can learn about The Master's College from our website. It can't capture the experience of actually being on campus and witnessing the interaction between students, faculty and staff...

TMC Alumni use differing gifts to support Christian education in Uganda


Sometimes God brings people together to do His work in unexpected ways—partnerships that can span an entire ocean, as each person uses their education and differing gifts to advance a common cause...

The Master's College celebrates 40 years of accreditation


This week, TMC celebrates the 40th anniversary of accreditation, a milestone that has enabled the College to accept transfer credits from other accredited institutions and offer government financial aid...

TMC composition major to debut work at community concert on Feb. 27


Amy Mack is not a paleontologist. The prospect of years going by without a bone to show for it drove her away from her dream job. At the age of 8, she forsook the field and devoted herself to music. She has not deviated from that path since...