Who is God's Candidate?


For several months now, I’ve been peppered with questions about the upcoming election. How can God allow it to come down to these two candidates? Is there a lesser of two evils this time around? And often bluntly, Who are you going to vote for? My response—and my great comfort as this election cycle comes to a conclusion . . .

From the Eyes of a Student: View Weekend


There’s always a routine. The bell rings, the desks are filled and notebooks are opened. Your schedule is planned, you eat way too many sandwiches and, without fail, you sit with the same friends. In the four years you are there, you learn to get used to high school. Then comes your senior year . . .

Foreign Policy: Understanding a World in Crisis


The next president of the United States will inherit a world that is significantly more chaotic and insecure than at any point in recent history. The primary cause of the global disorder is the lack of American leadership at home and abroad. For more than six decades, the world has enjoyed relative peace and prosperity thanks to the Pax Americana . . .

Reaching Out


This past weekend more than 400 students, faculty and staff, scattered themselves across 33 Southern California churches, participating in the 20th annual Outreach Week. Stopping school for three days, The Master’s University disseminates teams to “serve, evangelize, and fellowship.” A dense fog lay over the city of Los Angeles early Friday morning . . .

A Political Opinion


Who would have thought this time last year the race for the presidency would be between a politician of thirty years and a business speculator reality TV host? Republican elites were ecstatic over the “excellent” stable of Republican presidential hopefuls. Hillary Clinton, with all her baggage, would be an easy target for the Republican nominee. . .

Student Focus: Humphrey Mahowa


Growing up in Malawi, Africa, the second youngest of ten children, Humphrey Mahowa cannot remember a time when he didn’t play soccer and doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Following graduation from The Master’s University, Mahowa hopes to play professionally, “If God wants me to go play [soccer] somewhere and opens that up than that’s where I am going, wherever He calls me . . .

The Faith of the Founding Fathers


Did America’s Founders intend to create a Christian nation? Does it matter today and, if so, why? In order to arrive at a proper answer to the first question, one must recognize that “the Founding Fathers” were a diverse group of individuals who held diverse views on most subjects – including religion. Generally, one cannot accurately make blanket statements beginning with “the Founding Fathers believed.”

Faculty Focus: Dr. Jordan Morton


Teachers. We have all had them. Some we have loved and others we have despised. Some are recollected in epic proportions, and of some we share horror stories like a badge of honor, boasting our survival. Others bring a nostalgic smile to our face and a few were not merely mentors, but friends . . .

2016 Presidential Election & Current Events Summit


The never ending commentary on this ‘historic election’ is playing out in real-time on every cable news channel and newspaper headline. The rhetoric is getting louder and more vicious on both sides and Tuesday, November 8th, cannot come soon enough. The anxiety and fear is palpable. Both Clinton and Trump are plagued by personal rumors, scandals and have some of the most unfavorable ratings in campaign history.

All the World's a Stage


It’s that moment. When the murmuring of the audience and soft rustling of the programs fade as the house lights dim. When a room, filled with strangers, friends and family, young and old, cease to be visible. Backstage, cast and crew hold their breath in a united hush. Each performer is consumed with excitement, fear and anticipation, nerves reveal themselves. . .

Good and Honest Soccer


Defeating Bethesda 6-3, The Master’s University Soccer Team, under the leadership of Coach Jim Rickard, has won their 300th game. 300 wins. 300 games in which they have dominated the field. This number not only represents a history of success and dedication from of our players throughout the years, but most especially the dedication of our coach.

Confronting the Postmodern Lie


There is an insidious weed slowly and deceptively poisoning the worldview of the present-day Christian and weakening the foundation of many. It is a lie that, according to culture, is presented as truth. It is a motto preached from almost every social media outlet, car radio, television screen, schools both secular and, remorsefully, some claiming the name of Christ. . .