The Master's College

National Recognition of TMC's Science and Math Programs

IMG_3069.JPGThe Master’s College Science and Math programs received national recognition this week as students and programs were inducted into the Sigma Zeta Honor Society.

Sigma Zeta is a national honor society for science and mathematics which promotes science and math education and research. Student members are required to submit an application and meet certain academic criteria to become a member of the honor society.

TMC is excited to report that 21 of our biology, math and computer science major students were inducted into the Sigma Zeta Society on March 23, in a beautiful program in the MacArthur Legacy room.

Dr. James Hall handed out certificates and pins to each of the students and faculty.

TMC faculty were inducted as charter members of the organization and  Dr. Hall shared the history of the Society, which was founded in 1925 at Shurtleff College in Alton, Illinois. TMC’s Science and Math programs were also noted and were officially inducted as the Gamma Delta chapter of the Sigma Zeta Honor Society.