I. Logo and Word Mark

General Logo

The two versions of our logo are the normal and vertical or “stacked” version. Either version is acceptable. The space limitations of a particular application will determine the appropriate version.

The normal logo works well in tight horizontal spaces, such as in online banners and other applications with limited depth.



The stacked version works best when it can be centered and floated in a generous margin of space, such as on the cover of a formal communication.



In general, the stacked version is more traditional in style; the normal version is more contemporary.

A third variation of the logo and word mark may be used in tight horizontal spaces, such as in online banners and other applications with limited depth.



Logo and word mark

The word mark may be used on its own without any additional description or title. If needed to accommodate design which is text only, the College word mark may be used without the logo art, but the typography of the College’s name and motto must remain consistent with the overall design.

Logo and word mark – Special Printing needs

“The Master’s College” word mark may be embossed, engraved, foil stamped on paper, etched in metal or glass, cast in metal, or carved in stone or wood. Some of these special print techniques may produce colors other than the approved campus colors. The colors should be the result of the need of the specific technique but should be natural, and compatible with the official college graphic identity.  Because of its expense, the use of foil for the gold elements of the logo is restricted to the President’s Office and to official documents of the College such as diplomas, certificates and proclamations.

Area of Isolation

The legibility and distinction of our College logo is very important. To ensure that the logo is highly visible, always separate it from its surroundings.

The area of isolation, or clear space, surrounding the logo should equal the height of the “M” in “The Master’s College.”

Do not allow any other graphic element to penetrate this area of isolation.

Area of Isolation Example.jpg

Note: This "area of isolation" has been included on the .JPG and .PNG files available on this site. Please do not "crop" this area but consider it as part of the logo itself.

Minimum Size

There is a minimum size for reproducing The Master’s College logo. This ensures that our logo remains legible in every usage. Never reproduce the logo smaller than the minimum size. These minimum sizes apply to all College logos, both for print and online usage.

Minimum Size for Horizontal Logo:  .75 inches high x 2.125 inches wide

Minimum Size for Vertical Stack Logo: 1.325 inches high x 1.5 inches wide


When using The Master’s College logo with another logo, such as for a co-sponsored event, observe the area of isolation for The Master’s College logo, and center a .25" line between the two logos.

The logos may appear side-by-side or stacked, depending on space restrictions. Use only the normal version of The Master’s College logo.