The Master's College

Shield Emblem of The Master's College

Please note, the shield-only version is only intended as a secondary reference, meaning it should only be used as a design element in a document, brochure, presentation, or other article that already has a full version of the logo. Please refer to the Graphic Standards Manual for more information.

Right-click the file type and size for your desired use and choose "Save target as..."

In general do not enlarge in any other program; choose a larger size and scale down to fit.

Full Color SizePrintWeb
Shield_Only_FullColor_Web_Medium.jpg Full Res..EPS.AI

One-Color Black
(use for Black & White priniting)

Shield_Only_Black_Web_Medium.jpg Full Res..EPS -
Large.JPG - .JPG -
Medium.JPG - .JPG -
Small.JPG - .JPG -
One-Color BlueSizePrintWeb
Shield_Only_Blue_Web_Medium.jpg Full Res..EPS.AI
One-Color GoldSizePrintWeb
Shield_Only_Gold_Web_Medium.png Full Res..EPS -
Large.JPG.PNG - .PNG
Medium.JPG.PNG - .PNG
Small.JPG.PNG - .PNG
One-Color WhiteSizePrintWeb
Shield_Only_White_Web_Medium.png Full Res..EPS-
Medium.JPG.PNG- .PNG

Please note:

  • Large print version = 8 inches wide @ 300dpi, CMYK
  • Large web version = 400 pixels wide, RGB
  • Medium print version = 5 inches wide @ 300dpi, CMYK
  • Medium web version = 200 pixels wide, RGB
  • Small print version = 2.5 inches wide @ 300dpi, CMYK
  • Small web version = 100 pixels wide, RGB
  • Full resolution versions can only be opened in graphic editting programs like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.
  • Print versions work in Microsoft Word and Publisher or Adobe Acrobat and other desktop publishing programs.
  • Web versions are best for web pages and graphics that will appear on websites (they are generally a smaller resolution).
  • ".JPG" files include a white background.
  • ".PNG" files have a transparent background that should let background colors show directly beneath the logo (this varies by design program and usage).