Tuition and Fees

The Master’s University strives to offer students a Christ-centered education within the financial reach of all. We endeavor to keep costs as low as possible, and consequently, our tuition is among the most economical for a private university. When calculating university costs, be sure to consider the total cost. Consider items like: books and supplies, transportation, and personal spending money. While these amounts vary with each student, it can raise the total cost of education above the published tuition and room and board amounts. Fortunately, when computing a student’s financial need, we take all these costs into consideration.


2016-2017 Financial Information

Type Price
Undergraduate Program  
12 to 18 units, per semester $15,775
Less than 12 units, per unit $1,325
More than 18 units, per unit $440
Summer or Winter Session, per unit $310
Audit, per unit $50
Master of Arts  
Tuition, per unit $400
Teaching Credential  
Tuition, per unit $460
On-campus dormitory, per semester $2,900
Meal Plans (Board), per semester  
20 meals per week plus $150 Flex $2,550
20 meals per week $2,400
14 meals per week plus $150 Flex $2,400
14 meals per week $2,250
10 meals per week plus $150 Flex $2,250
10 meals per week $2,100
5 meals per week (commuter students only)



Flex Bucks
Meal plans may be supplemented with Flex Bucks available for purchase in blocks of $150. Flex Bucks can be used for purchasing meals at the Canyon Café and at the Mustang Grill (cafeteria). Flex Bucks accounts are free from sales tax. Students can also add to their Flex Bucks account during the year in blocks of $20 on a dollar-for-dollar basis.

Deposits and Fees

(The following are estimates and to be determined soon)

New Student Deposit
A Tuition Deposit of $200, which is applied against tuition, is required of all new students in order to receive course selection materials. Should you choose not to enroll, your deposit is refundable until May 1.

Typical cost for books each semester ranges from $200 to $400, payable directly to the Campus Bookstore at time of purchase.

Course and Notebook Computer Fees
Some courses have specific fees, noted on the course schedule. All full-time students are required to have a notebook computer. Students must ensure their computer meets minimum configuration specifications. For more information, see Computer Services.

Directed Studies Fee
A Directed Studies Fee of $50 is assessed for each semester unit taken in this format.

Graduation Fee
A Graduation Fee of $100 is required for graduation from all academic programs.

Individual Music Instruction Fee
An Individual Music Instruction Fee of $485 will be charged for each semester unit in this format.

Mandatory Health Insurance
An estimated annual (August 1 through July 31) Health Insurance Premium of $2,070 will be charged unless the student signs the insurance waiver (i.e. if the student does not have his or her own health insurance). The premium for the year will be charged to the Fall semester.

Student Services Fee
A Student Activity Fee of $210 is charged each semester for students taking 6 units or more and covers clubs, chapel media functions, ASB, dorm funds, intramurals, and special events.

Vehicle Fee
A $45 per semester fee is charged to any registered student who drives and parks a vehicle to campus.

Payment Plan Administrative Fee
A fee of $85 per semester is charged if the student chooses the 5 month payment plan.

*The Master’s University reserves the right to change, without notice, any charges, fees or policies listed on this website.