Financial Aid 101: The Basics

“How will I pay for my education? Am I eligible for financial aid? Where do I begin?”

The Office of Financial Aid can answer your questions. Whether you are a high school student, a college transfer, or an inquiring parent, we are here to help. Our aim is to provide you with a premium education at a price that considers your personal financial situation. Premium education, personal price.


Types of Financial Aid

There are two basic types of financial aid: gift aid and self-help aid. Gift aid refers to financial assistance that does not need to be repaid (i.e. scholarships or grants). Self-help aid is assistance that holds the recipient responsible for some sort of return (i.e. loans, work study). Funding from private sources (i.e. associations, religious groups, or corporations) also fall within these two groups.


The Process

Applying for financial aid can be intimidating, but that is why we have made the process as streamlined as possible. The steps are simple:

1. Submit a TMU Financial Aid Application.

2. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

3. Submit all documents requested by the Office of Financial Aid.  Missing documents can be viewed through your Self-Service.

4. If you are required for verification by the government please complete the IRS Data Retrieval and Federal Verification Worksheet.  Step-by-step verification information can be viewed on our Verification page.

5. Receive your award letter and accept your awards online through Self-Service.



Good communication with the Office of Financial Aid is essential to your financial success. You will not receive blanket mass letters from our office. If we contact you, it is because we require the information we are requesting.

Our communication process is directly connected to your personal account. Each letter, email, or postcard you receive from the Office of Financial Aid relates to your specific situation, so be careful to respond promptly to all communication attempts.


Important Dates

• December:   Request pin for the FAFSA
• January:     Begin completing the FAFSA
• February: Complete IRS Data Retrieval or IRS Tax Transcript
• March 2nd:   Priority Deadline! Turn in all documents.
• March 2nd: California Cal Grant eligible high school students, transcripts need to be verified and sent to CSAC


Important Links

Financial Aid Homepage

Financial Aid Verification

Financial Aid Documents


Contact Information

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