Teaching Credential Financial Aid


Welcome to the Teaching Credential Financial Aid website! For additional questions, please contact your financial aid counselor, Kyle Ricedorff. (contact information below)

Credentialing Fast Facts
2016-2017 Academic Year
Total Units 30
Program Length 1 year
Cost Per Unit $460
Total Tuition Cost $13,800


Application Process

The financial aid application process for the Teaching Credential Program is much the same as that of the General Undergraduate Program. The following items are required:

  1. FAFSA (Be sure to list yourself as a 5th Year-other Undergrad).
  2. Financial Aid Application 
  3. Teaching Credential Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy
  4. Any additional documents requested by the Financial Aid Office

Available Aid

Students in the Teaching Credential program can qualify for most federal and institutional aid.

  • Academic Scholarships
  • Pell Grant
  • Cal Grant (current recipients only)
  • TMU Grant
  • Teacher Ed Departmental Scholarships
  • Work Study
  • Stafford Loans
Academic Scholarship Levels
Scholarship GPA Amount
Distinguished 3.85 $7,500
Honors 3.65 $6,000
Achievement 3.45 $4,000


Cal Grant

Cal Grant recipients can request a one-year extension of their Cal Grant to cover their credentialing expenses. Students who are not currently receiving Cal Grant are not eligible.

Education Departmental Scholarships

The Education Department has scholarships that are available to students who demonstrate Christian character, academic achievement and financial need. Click here for the Education Department Scholarship Application.

Loan Forgiveness Programs

There are a number of loan forgiveness programs available to those going into the teaching profession.
Federal Program Teacher Loan Forgiveness Program - FFEL and Direct Loan Programs
Apply after five (5) consecutive, complete years of full-time teaching

Perkins Loan Forgiveness Perkins Loan forgiveness is available to individuals who have served 12 months in eligible field. Perkins Loan deferment is available during the 12 months of serving leading up to forgiveness.



Kyle Ricedorff, Financial Aid Counselor

(661) 362-2295

Please contact the Teacher Education Department for specific information on other institutional scholarships.