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Undergraduate Registration Instructions

Spring 2017 New Student Pre-Registration Instructions (Step 1)

Spring 2017 New Student Pre-Registration Course Instructions (Step 2)

Suggested First Semester Curriculum 2017

Undergraduate Application Forms

Complete TMU Undergraduate Admissions and Financial Aid Application *Note: The Master’s University continues to accept applications on a rolling basis after the March 2nd priority deadline.

Pastor Recommendation Form – Undergraduate Application (To be completed by pastor)

Program of Transfer Form (To be completed by students who are moving from one TMU program to another TMU program - example: a student moving from the Traditional program to the TMU Online program)

Educator Recommendation Form – Undergraduate Application *ONLY required if requested by your TMU admissions counselor (To be completed by teacher or employer)

Application Update (To be completed by students who have previously applied and currently have an application on file, but have never enrolled)

Application for Re-Admission – Undergraduate (To be completed by students who have previously attended The Master’s University)

Doctrinal Statement or read the Doctrinal Statement on-line

(Please read the Doctrinal Statement to complete the application process)

Application Fee Waiver (NACAC)

Homeschool Requirements and Sample Transcript (additional details available here.)

Christian College Transfer Recommendation Form (To be completed by applicants who have attended another Christian College/University, Bible College or Bible Institute)

Credit by Examination (Lists AP, CLEP, and IB tests accepted for college credit)

Activity Release Form

Undergraduate Financial Aid Forms and Scholarships

Financial Aid Application

Free Application Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

FAFSA Waiver Form

Undergraduate Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

Federal Verification Worksheet 2017-18

Federal Verification Worksheet 2016-17

Christian Ministry Dependent Grant

Pastor and Missionary Dependent Grant

John Dunkin Alumni Scholarship Application Form

Ministry Matching Grant Application

President’s Scholarship Application The President’s Scholarship is a competitive merit based scholarship awarded to full-time incoming freshman. Applicants must have a high school GPA of 3.85 and a SAT score of 1400 (Critical Reading and Math only) or ACT composite score of 32.

Bible Bee Scholarship Application

Shamrock Foundation Grant Application

Stafford Loan Adjustment Form

Stafford Loan In-School Deferment Request Form

2017-2018 PLUS Loan Amount Request Form

International Student Forms and Scholarships

International Student Financial Aid Supplement (Required for all International Students)

International Grant Application Form

International Grant Recommendation Form

International Student Doctrinal Questionnaire

The Master’s University Online Program

TMU Online Program Financial Aid Application

TMU Online Program Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

Federal Verification Worksheet 2016-17

2017-18 Federal Verification Worksheet

Seminary Financial Aid Forms

Seminary Financial Aid Application

FAFSA Waiver Form

Bachelor of Theology Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy Form

Master of Divinity Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy Form

Master of Theology/Doctoral Programs Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy Form

For scholarship applications and other information, please visit

Degree Completion Program Financial Aid Forms

DCP Financial Aid Application

DCP Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy


Federal Verification Worksheet 2016-17

Teaching Credential Financial Aid Forms

Teaching Credential Financial Aid Application


Teaching Credential Program Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

G-44 Cal Grant Extension Request

Teacher Loan Forgiveness Application

Education Department Scholarship Application

Master of Arts Financial Aid Forms

Graduate Financial Aid Application (For Online Program Graduate forms, click HERE)


FAFSA Waiver Form

Graduate Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy