The Master's College

College faculty, alumni to publish new book on biblical counseling

By Cari Logston

In March, 22 members of The Master’s College faculty and its alumni will be featured in a new book titled Men Counseling Men, which will be published by Harvest House Publishing.

The new book is in many respects the logical sequel to Harvest House’s successful title, Women Counseling Women, written by Elyse Fitzpatrick and released in 2010. Since Fitzpatrick's book has become such a popular volume, the publisher came back to The Master’s College for more.

Harvest House approached Dr. John D. Street, chair of TMC’s graduate program in Biblical Counseling, with the question: What about the men?

Men Counseling Men will be a compilation of the writings of authors that are either faculty or graduates of TMC. These authors are lawyers, medical doctors, teachers and pastors, which will give the book a wide range of insight.

The styles and areas of expertise of all 22 contributors will reflect the commitment to the authority and sufficiency of Scripture that defines TMC. The book will also include a forward by college president, Dr. John MacArthur, as well as a long list of endorsements.

According to Street, the book’s main focus is “to help Christians understand how the Bible can be used effectively to address real problems that the male gender faces.” This tool is designed to help men in the church counsel others on how to be a husband, father and grandfather, while also addressing critical issues such as depression, anger, fear, worry and divorce.

The second chapter of the book, written by Street, focuses on handling the Bible correctly by using principled hermeneutics.

“The answers to the most difficult problems in life can be found in Scripture starting with the gospel and then expanding out into the other areas of God’s Word,” Street said.

The book will be about 500 pages long – 140 pages longer than Women Counseling Women. The additional pages reflect the book’s inclusion of an appendix that Street compiled to be a “Quick Reference Guide for Men’s Problems” with biblical references matched with specific issues for easy access.

Just as Women Counseling Women has been integrated into the Biblical Counseling program at TMC, so too will Men Counseling Men. The book is projected to release just before Grace Community Church’s Shepherds’ Conference this year.

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