How many tests are offered?

There are 37 separate DSST examinations. The Master's University offers them all.

Tell me about each test. What are the subjects?

Answers to these questions can be found on the DSST website at

Who may take the tests?

The Master's University is an "open" testing location. Anyone can apply to take a test with us.

How do I receive college credit?

Each college or university sets its own policy regarding how much credit will be granted and for which courses. Contact the Admissions Office of the concerned college for information on which tests they accept and the score they require for credit. Also ask if there are other additional requirements before credit is granted.

How is the test conducted?

DSST examinations are presented through an online system only accessible at the testing center. Each test is designed to be completed in 2 hours. Certain tests permit use of a non-programmable calculator; no other material is allowed in the test room.

When can I take a test?

Tests are offered at 1 pm and 3 pm Monday through Thursday. This schedule is subject to change. Testing is by appointment only. The Career Services office recommends scheduling your test at least one week in advance to ensure an available computer.

What does it cost?

DSST charges a fee of $80, which is payable on the date of the test. Payment must be by credit card (Visa, MasterCard or American Express). The test fee is waived for active duty members of the US military. The Master's College charges a non-refundable and non-transferable $30 registration fee, payable at the time an appointment is made.

Can I take more than one test?

You may take more than one examination the same day if the testing schedule permits. Charges apply separately to each test. Inform the Administrator when you schedule your tests that you desire to take more than one test.

When do I get my scores?

Test results are reported on the computer at the completion of each test, except the Public Speaking DSST. Results for that test will be mailed to the student and to the institution identified on the test form within five (5) weeks.

Can I repeat a test if I desire to obtain a higher score?

DSST policy requires a candidate to wait three months before repeating a test. Taking alternate forms of a test title does not change this policy. Any attempts to retest on the same title in less than the specified time will generate an "invalid" score report. This will cause the test-taker to wait an additional 90 calendar days.

How do I get to The Master's University?

Get directions to TMU. The college cannot be accessed via Placerita Canyon from the east due to a key-card gate near Sierra Highway. Note that San Fernando Road is renamed Newhall Avenue, changing to Railroad Avenue at the railroad tracks. The tests are administered in the Career Services office (Building 6 on the Campus Map), which is located behind the main administration building--Rutherford Hall--easily identified by the three flag poles in front. Free parking is available on either side of Placerita Canyon Road.

More information is available on the DSST website at