Off-Campus Work Study Program

The Master’s University participates in the Federal Work Study program, which helps subsidize our student employees’ wages. This program provides employers in the Santa Clarita Valley with access to an outstanding pool of college-age, part-time employees at a discounted rate. We place our student in your business and pay all their payroll taxes, as well as 35% of their hourly wage, which means you only pay 65% of their wage.

We view our program as a way to help our community, especially during these difficult economic times. At the same time, it benefits the university, because it helps to provide additional jobs for our students, who have developed a reputation within our community for being hard-working, dependable and reliable.

A Brief History

The Work Study Program was developed in 1994 to provide students with an opportunity to earn money toward their tuition and to get valuable work experience. It has also become a great opportunity for The Master's University to reach out to its community through the businesses that participate. The university benefits as well by being able to, in effect, guarantee part-time jobs to prospective students. In this way, the Work Study Program is an effective recruitment and retention tool.

The Master's University has over 50 academic programs that draw a diverse student population representing a variety of experiences and skills. We are always looking to partner our students with employers who have similar interests and goals (eg. placing education majors in a local school). Some of our past and current business partners include: public and private schools, manufacturing and retail businesses, corporations and sole proprietorships.

The Cost

When you hire a TMU Work Study student employee you may set their wage at $10.50 (CA minimum wage) per hour or higher. Your cost is only 65% of the gross wage, which means you pay as low as $6.83 per hour. Employers incur no tax or worker's compensation liability and avoid the hassle of payroll entry. TMU covers all applicable employer-related taxes, so 65% of the student's wage is your total cost. Furthermore, an additional discount is available to various local non-profit, government and community-based organizations.

Work Study 101

Work Study is based on "need" as determined by the FAFSA and is awarded to undergraduate students through Financial Aid. At the beginning of the semester, funds are credited toward the student's bill and are then earned, or "worked off," throughout the semester. Work Study is awarded in two amounts, $3,000/year or $6,000/year.


While regular, consistent schedules are preferred, flexible scheduling is a possibility as long as the student can be assured of earning their targeted amount. We ask that any employer choosing to partner with us make enough work available to the student so they can earn their Work Study award. A student will typically will need to work approximately 8-10 hrs/week or 18-20 hrs/week to earn their award (depending on their award amount and wage).

Work Study students are available to work during the school year (September - December and January - May). It is also important to note that though students often are available to work during the day, many will have class and may have limited daytime hours.

The Payroll Process

A Work Study student employee works for you as a contracted employee. The student employee remains on TMU’s payroll so we do all of the processing. Each student employee will complete an online two week timecard; you, or your representative, must verify the hours. TMU will pay the student employee by the hour for the hours submitted on the timecard. We will then invoice you for 65% of their total pay. Each invoice is due and payable within 20 days of its issue date.

Company Requirements

To partner with The Master’s University through the Work Study Program, your company must be an officially licensed business, as well maintain general liability insurance in a minimum amount of $1 million for each occurrence. You will also need to be able provide adequate hours for the student to earn their Work Study award (8-10 hrs/week or 16-18 hrs/week).

The Registration Process and Finding Employees

To participate in the Work Study Program, you will need to sign an Employer Agreement. You will then be given a login and password for our website, which you will use to enter descriptions for the positions available, as well as verify student timesheets. Students are available for hire only twice a year: August and January; the best place to hire student employees is at the Work Study Job Fair held annually in August.

More Information

To request more information about the Off-Campus Work Study Program, please email the Office of Student Employment and Professional Development or call (661)362-2238.