IMPORTANT: As of July 1, 2016, the Master's University and Seminary will no longer accept credit/debit cards as payment for tuition and fees.
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Student Accounts Office

The Student Accounts Office is responsible for processing student account charges, collecting payments, processing refunds, distributing monthly itemized statements, and providing customer service to the students and families of The Master’s University and The Master’s Seminary.

Our goal is to provide excellent service in a way that imitates The Master, while ensuring that student account transactions are accurately processed and properly recorded.

We are located in Vider Hall, next to the main administration building on Upper Campus of The Master’s University.


Contact Information

Phone: 661-362-2212
Fax: 661-362-2711
Mailing Address:

The Master’s University and Seminary, Student Accounts Office
21726 Placerita Canyon Rd, Box 36
Santa Clarita, CA 91321


Billing Information

Statement Printing

Statement periods are from the 21st of a month to the 20th of the following month.  Statements will be sent by the 25th of each month for all accounts that have activity during the period or that have a balance (due or credit) at the end of the period.


Posting of Financial Aid to Accounts

Financial aid is applied to accounts as directed by the Office of Financial Aid.  Should a student become ineligible for financial aid that has been previously credited to the account, the amount previously credited will be charged back to the account.  If the Office of Financial Aid has not received all necessary paperwork, they may withhold applying some or all financial aid to the account.  Pending financial aid does not alleviate the responsibility for making payments.  Students with pending aid should contact the Office of Financial Aid to resolve any issues prior to the payment due date.  Otherwise, the statement balance should be paid by the due date to avoid a late payment fine.  Any outside scholarships and loans will be credited to accounts when funds are received.  Monthly payments will be adjusted after they are applied.


Delinquent Accounts and Special Payment Arrangements

If a student does not pay the required monthly minimum payment, he/she will receive a notification reminding them of the delinquent payment and his/her student account will be placed on “Stop” by Student Accounts.  The stop is a tool used both to track delinquent student accounts and to prevent students from registering for additional classes or making schedule changes.

Special arrangements may be made if a student is unable to pay according to the prescribed schedule or terms.  Such arrangements must be requested in writing to the Student Accounts Office and will not be considered valid unless approved by the Director of Student Accounts.