Giving to the Library


The library will gladly receive donations of books, DVDs, CD's, etc. We reserve the right to keep or dispense of them as best fits our collection development needs. Donations of this kind are tax deductible and the donor is responsible for assigning value. A gift letter that can be used for tax purposes will be given upon request.

Also, books may be donated to the library by purchasing them through the Master's University Library Wishlist available on

In addition, audiobooks are very welcome.  Scholars can increase their stewardship of time by multitasking with the help of audiobooks.  See  Prices vary from $0.50 to $300.

Journal Subscriptions

Because journals are of little value unless subscriptions are continuously maintained, donations are best given in the form of moneys that can be used to support the collection generally rather than for specific titles. An exception to this is donations made for the purchase of specific issues which are missing from the current collection. If you would like to help us close these gaps within our serials collection please contact the Serials Manager for a list of missing issues (661-362-2272 or toll free 1-800-568-6248).


Funds may be designated specifically to support The Master's College Robert L. Powell Library. Make check out to The Master's College and indicate it is for the library. All donations are tax deductible.

Electronic Resources

Online research database are extremely useful to research. Most research databases are available as an annual subscription and these require continuous funding as in the case with journal subscriptions.  Moneys donated for the general support of electronic resources are very welcome.  In addition, there are some collections of online resources that can be purchased with a one-time fee instead of an annual subscription. Below are those which the library would like to purchase through the generous support of those who are willing and able.

Gale Virtual Reference Library - individual eReference titles range from $400-$700; collections of 15-20 titles range from $6,000-$10,000.  Collections of online reference books from other publisher, like Sage, Taylor & Francis, Springer, Oxford, Cambridge, etc., are similarly priced and would make a wonderful addition to the library's offerings.

Early English Books Online: 1475-1700 - provides digital access to more than 125,000 literary and historical classics.  We need the MARC records so each of these titles is available through the library catalog.  Estimated cost - $3,000.

Web of Science: Science Citation Index and BIOSIS - initial subscription cost is estimated at $18,000-$20,000+.  Annual subscription thereafter is estimated at $9,000-$11,000.


Last updated October, 2011.