Wireless/Network FAQ

How do I access the TMU wireless?

Connect to TMU WiFi using your student username and password in SafeConnect.  After logging in the first time, you should not be asked again.


Where can I access TMU Wireless?

TMU's wireless connection works throughout the campus.  However, connections in the parking lots and away from academic or residential buildings may be intermittent.


What devices are compatible with TMU's Wireless Network?

Most WiFi capable devices are compatible.  Some Smart TVs may not connect directly, but these can be whitelisted.


Can I access the wireless network from more than one computer at a time?

Yes, you may access it on multiple devices at a time.


May I bring my own wireless access point (router)?

No, students are not allowed to bring their own wireless access points (routers) as this causes interference with the WiFi for other users. Please use the wireless network provided.


What is Safe Connect?  Why do I see this screen at Login?

SafeConnect is a network access control technology that TMC uses so that we can provide wireless network services that comply with the college's network use policy.'

SafeConnect will require users to authenticate with a username and password before allowing them to access the TMU wireless network.  When you authenticate, the system records which network address you were assigned and how long you used it.  

Your username and password are your keys to the network - DO NOT share them with anyone.  You are responsible for all acts performed using your account, including copyright violations and violations of the TMU Code of Conduct.  If you are concerned that someone may be able to use your account, change your password immediately. 


Why am I repeatedly being prompted for my TMU User ID and Password when I try to connect to the WiFi?

SafeConnect will require users to re-authenticate every time the IP address on your computer changes or if your account has been inactive for a long period of time.  

If you are having consistent trouble with SafeConnect asking you to re-authenticate (as in several times a week), please contact the IT Service Desk at or 661.362.2876.