Printing Questions

Do I have to pay to use the printers/copiers on campus?

A tech fee is included with your tuition and gives you $15 of credit each semester. Black & White pages are $0.05 each and Color pages are $0.15 each.

Should you need more than that, you can add more by paying at the Library desk and they will give you a code to add more printing credit to your account.


My account was charged but my pages didn't print.  What should I do?

Please call or visit the Service Desk and we will work with you to make sure that your account is refunded appropriately.

IT Service Desk

What printers are available at TMU for student use?

There are several printing stations available to you on the TMU campus. Hotchkiss, Dixon, Smith, Waldock, and Slight dorms will have a high capacity laser printer for student use. There are also public laser printers available the Library, Student Center, and Biblical Studies Center office. The Library student copier allows you to print color copies as well.  You will be able to access these printers through the PaperCut web printing feature.


Will I need to bring my own printer?

While we do provide on campus printers, for your convenience, you may desire to bring your own personal sized printer and have it easily accessible in your dorm room. Personal laser printers can be purchased for about $100 from an online or retail discount computer store.  Be aware of purchasing ultra low-priced printers that have expensive replacement cartridges. You will want to look over some product reviews from sources such as CNET, PC Magazine, and Tom's Hardware Guide before making a purchase.