Email FAQ

I don't know my email address.  How can I find it?

Your TMU student email address consists of your last name, first initial, middle initial, and ""  For example, your email will look something like:


I forgot my email password.  How can I reset it?

To reset your email password, click on the "Can't access your account" link below the email sign in button on Office 365.  This will send you an email or text to whatever alternate contact method you specified when you first signed in to your account. The code included in that email or text will allow you to reset your password.

Additionally, you can also call the Service Desk directly at (661) 362-2876 to have the IT department help you directly. 


Can I get my student email on my phone?

Microsoft Office 365 is available for your mobile device.  For instructions on how to sync your email, please click the link below that relates to your phone type:

Set up email on your iPhone or iPad

Set up email on your Android Device


How do I forward my TMU email to my personal account?

Office 365 does allow you to forward your TMU email to another email address.  For detailed instructions on how to do so, please click below:

Forwarding Messages to Another Email Account


What will happen to my TMU email once I graduate?

 Nothing. Your TMU email will stay active and will not be deactivated, regardless of if you are taking classes or not.


Can I keep using my outside mail provider (Gmail, Hotmail, etc.)?

You are permitted to keep using your previous email account, however please be aware that all official TMU email (such as class information and campus announcements) will be directed to your TMU email address.  In order to keep informed, we recommend that you forward your TMU email to your personal account. For instructions on how to do so, please visit the following page:

Forwarding Email to Another Email Account