Stolen Assets Procedures

If a TMU provided laptop, iPad, or other device is stolen, you must do the following:

  1. Notify Campus Security immediately.  They will take a statement and file a Sheriff’s report.
  2. Notify IT Operations immediately.  We will change all passwords for Canvas, Outlook, and the TMU Network (Self-Service, email, windows login, etc.) and disable your Google Drive account so that no sensitive information can be stolen
  3. Determine what types of data are on the machine and whether or not there is any sensitive TMU information. If so, notify the appropriate parties.
  4. If there is any personal account information (banking, credit cards, mortgage, bills, etc.) on the device, change all of the account credentials immediately and notify the appropriate parties.

If necessary, IT Operations will provide you with a temporary machine until the original is found or until a replacement can be ordered.  You can