Faculty & Staff Software Usage Policy

The Master's University is committed to the use of technology to enhance office productivity and the teaching and learning process. In so doing, we realize that there are often multiple software packages that perform the same or similar functions. We also realize that some departments may choose to use specialized software in the daily performance of their job whether it be for teaching or administration. In order to be good stewards of the resources the Lord has provided us and to provide the best possible support for the products that are used, we have adopted the following guidelines:


 Supported Software:

All computer systems provided for employees at The Master's University will have the following supported software installed or available:

  • Operating System - Microsoft® Windows® 7
  • Word Processing - Microsoft® Word
  • Spreadsheet - Microsoft® Excel
  • Presentation - Microsoft® PowerPoint
  • E-Mail/Calendaring/Personal Productivity - Microsoft® Outlook, Microsoft® Outlook Web Access
  • Web Browser - Microsoft® Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome
  • Anti-Virus – Microsoft Endpoint Protection
  • All Power Campus, Self Service, and Content Management applications
  • Departmental specialty software/database packages - Abra, Docuware, MAS200, Power Campus, PowerFAIDS, and similar applications

TMU IT Operations will provide the following for Supported Software products:

  • License purchasing (IT Operations Budget) and tracking
  • Software installation & configuration
  • Software upgrades
  • Compatibility and Interactivity testing with other supported software
  • Best effort support for "How To" and "General Usage" issues


 Limited Support Software:

In addition to fully supported software, there are some packages that are used by multiple departments/offices that will be supported on a limited basis. Limited support software includes:

  1. Desktop publishing - Microsoft® Publisher
  2. Document editing - Adobe® Acrobat Professional
  3. Photo/Image editing - Adobe® Photoshop

TMU IT Operations will provide the following for Limited Support Software products:

  • License purchasing (Department budget, IT Operations Budget for Microsoft® Publisher) and tracking
  • Software installation & configuration
  • Software upgrades
  • Limited compatibility and interactivity testing

TMU employees using Limited Support Software are responsible for obtaining their own technical support beyond what can be provided by IT Operations via interpersonal collaboration or vendor support lines such as phone or internet knowledgebase support.


 Unsupported Software:

Any software not included in the above lists of "Supported Software" and "Limited Support Software" is "Unsupported Software".

TMU employees are required to have prior approval from IT Operations and the CFO's office before purchasing any unsupported software. IT Operations can provide valuable input in regards to compatibility with the network and other software used on campus, proper licensing, and information on educational pricing. Departments seeking to purchase unsupported software must submit a written request to IT Operations stating their requirements, purpose, cost, proposed method of funding, and approval by their department head and vice president.

If the software is approved:

  • Departments should purchase the software in conjunction with IT Operations in order to take full advantage of potential volume, institutional, and/or educational discount pricing.
  • After purchase, a photocopy of the software license and any necessary serial numbers and product keys along with an invoice or receipt must be filed with IT Operations for audit purposes and proof of license.
  • Departments will be responsible for installing and configuring the software, unless IT Operations determines that installation assistance is required.
  • Departments will be responsible for obtaining their own technical support via interpersonal collaboration, vendor support lines, or Internet knowledge bases.
  • Any future software version updates and upgrades will require the same approval process mentioned above before purchase.

If unsupported software is installed on a system and the system or other software ceases to function or functions erratically, IT Operations will perform an initial best effort attempt to correct the problem. If that fails to resolve the problem, the hard disk will be re-imaged with the initial supported software and limited support software only.


 Software for Home Use:

Through the Software Assurance benefit of TMU's Microsoft® Campus Agreement, all TMU faculty and staff are eligible to use Microsoft Office on their home computers for personal use while they are employed at TMU.

To participate in the Microsoft Home Use Program, click here.  Once you are on the site, enter your TMU faculty/staff email and the Program code 7F5E597328.