Outlook Calendar and Scheduling

Outlook Calendar Overview

In the Calendar view, the two most commonly used features are "New Appointment" and "Share Calendar." These features can be accessed on the toolbar at the top of the screen.

outlook menu screeshot.png


 Check Availability and Schedule Meetings

1.  Click on the "Calendar" button and select "New Meeting."

new meeting screenshot.png

2.  Enter the names of who you want at your meeting, a subject, location, date, and time.

3.  Before you send your invitation, check the recipient's availability by clicking "Scheduling Assistant."


outlook calendar screeshot.png

NOTE: Availability is color coded: availability screeshot.png

4. If you find some of  your recipients are unavailable, you can use the information in the right pane of the "Scheduling Assistant" to find "Suggested Times" for the current day, as well as calendar to view availability on other days.