Director's Greeting

Welcome to The Master's University!

The Campus Safety Department provides the University's in house private security and public safety services. In addition to working full-time for the University Safety Department, many of the Safety employees are studying for the Pastorate at The Master's Seminary, also led by our President, John MacArthur. All that to say, I want you to know that you are served by a group of men who are not only concerned for your safety, but genuinely have a Pastor's heart for you to grow in Christ.

The Safety Department maintains a 24 hour presence on The Master's University property, and the Main Security Booth is located across the street from the Gym, at the entrance to the residential housing area. You will frequently see officers walking around the campus, locking and unlocking buildings, and working within the security booth. There is also a business office located on North Campus and open during posted business hours, where you may gain assistance with any administrative business with our Department.

The Master's University is blessed to be located within a quiet, residential community, and the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department charts our geographical area within a low to negligible crime zone. It is not uncommon to see horses being ridden down the sides of the road from one of the many beautiful ranches, or neighbors buzzing past our campus on golf carts. There is even a historic movie studio located a ½ mile down Placerita Canyon Road where John Wayne films were made, and some Western movies are still filmed today. Please drive the side streets slowly and carefully. We work hard to maintain an excellent Christian testimony with the many homeowners that surround our campus property.

It is our joy to serve you, and we hope to make your years at TMU, as safe and secure as we possibly can. We have a motto in the Safety Department and hope that both you and your parents embrace it. It is based on Psalm 127:1, "Unless the LORD guards the city, the watchman keeps awake in vain." We place our trust in the hands of our sovereign God, and look upon ourselves as one of many means He uses on this campus to bless and grow you, for His glory and your good.

Please click on the many links from our home page for important safety information related to our parking and general regulations, and more!

Again, on behalf of the entire Safety staff, I want to personally welcome you as a student of The Master's University!

C. Powell

Director of Campus Safety
The Master's University