The Master's College

Alex Lynch of Kansas claims first prize in TMC's essay contest

Posted on: March 03

The Master's College has awarded a $4,000 scholarship to Alex Lynch of Kansas for placing first in The Master's College Essay Contest - 2014.

The contest, which drew entrants from prospective college students across the country, asked high school seniors to write on the topic of "Tolerance, Perspective, and Worldview." Lynch's 755-word essay drew a clear distinction between the secular and the biblical worldview, and argued that one's worldview determines how one defines tolerance.

"Tolerance as defined by the world cannot line up with the tolerance God has with a clear picture of sin," Lynch wrote. "The difference between these views on tolerance is Christ, and He is the only one who has a perfect worldview and can perfectly exemplify tolerance in this world."

Noel Grimes of Santa Clarita, Calif. placed second in the contest. Third place was awarded to Sarah Schuler.

Click here to read Lynch's winning essay.