3 Year to Degree

Many of the bachelor's degree programs offered at The Master's University can reasonably be completed in just three years. Our small class sizes, flexible general education options, and online course offerings make it possible for students to move through their studies at an accelerated pace, saving both time and money.

Below are several "sample" 3-year degree plans for some of our most popular academic programs. It is important to note that these are intended to be sample semester-to-semester road maps only. There is more than just "one way" to make the program work. Sometimes students need to shift courses around from semester to semester and year to year. Your faculty advisor will be your best help in preparing a specific and personalized schedule according to your education timeline and goals.

Please click on a link below to download your selected sample schedule in PDF format.

Sample 3-Year Degree Plans

Bachelor of Arts - Biblical Studies (Exposition Emphasis)

Bachelor of Arts - Communication (Electronic Media Emphasis)

Bachelor of Science - Business Administration (Management Emphasis)

Bachelor of Science - Biological and Physical Sciences (Pre-Medicine Emphasis)