Women's Ministries Award of Achievement


Choose 15 units from the following:

  • B350 Principles of Personal Bible Study (3)
  • BC300 Introduction to Biblical Counseling (3)
  • BC340 Marriage and Family (3)
  • BC341 Women Discipling Women (3)
  • BC342 Counseling Women (3)
  • BMN310 Message Preparation for Women (3)
  • BMN312 Training in Women’s Ministry (3)
  • BMN321 Women’s Issues (3)
  • BMN330DS Biblical Foundation for Women’s Ministries (3)
  • BMN352 Event Planning (3)
  • BMN360 Personal Discipleship (3)
  • BMS365 Missional Living (3)

Final year that this Award will be offered is 2013-2014. So all or most of the five required courses need to be completed during this school year. One or possibly two courses could be completed beyond this school year for someone already taking courses in the program