Program Learning Outcomes

The following Program Learning Outcomes have been established by The Master's College faculty to define the areas of knowledge and skills that students graduating from this major degree program should have developed:

TESOL Program Learning Outcomes:

  • State a theoretically sound philosophy of language acquisition and instruction.
  • Identify, compare, and critique various language-teaching approaches, methods, and classroom resources.
  • Demonstrate the ability to facilitate cultural and learner differences in the language classroom.
  • Demonstrate the ability to analyze the native language(s) of the target class and identify areas of acquisition difficulty.
  • Evaluate historical and current educational practices and preferences in a target country.
  • Research, design, and implement ESL/EFL programs and classes.
  • Conduct an effective self-assessment of spiritual, cross-cultural, and teaching effectiveness and growth.
  • Articulate a sound biblical philosophy of cross-cultural ministry in a professional realm.