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Dr. Plew on Worship for the Church:

"Music in the church has been undergoing change for hundreds of years. However, basic biblical goals have not changed. The TMC Music Department provides a progressive major concerned with reaching the whole Church body. We recognize that the most important aspect of the worship service is the pre-eminence of the Scripture and focus on our God. Music in the Church should always support the Word and be the servant of our faith."


Light All Around in World Magazine

The Master's College Chorale was recently asked to premier a recording with Ligionier Ministries. Their newest CD, "Light All Around", has been published in World Magazine as a "must have" in Classical Christian music.


The Master's College Department of Music on YouTube:

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Artist in Residence, Christine Anderson


"It is an honor to recommend the Department of Music at The Master's College. Their emphasis on teaching the rich tapestry of classical and church music as well as the contemporary style, married to the thorough teaching of scripture, provides students with a unique platform to be influential voices as musicians in the twenty-first century." -Keith Getty, Composer of Modern Hymns

"In a day when worship has become a key issue in the churches of America, The Master's College is making a significant impact by training worship leaders that are both acedemically and biblically eqiupped." -Bob Deal, Worship Consulting Ministries

"My friends at The Master's College are training with excellence, honor, competence and accomplishment. I believe that the Kingdom of God is being changed because of their committment." -David T. Clydesdale, Arranger/Composer

"My time at Master's has prepared me for my teaching and performance career and inspired me to pursue each and every endeavor with excellence. The instruction I received there cultivated something far more valuable than a technique: a work ethic that has carried over to every area of my life." -Desiree Hassler, 2001 Graduate

"Before attending The Master's College, I thought that the Music Department faculty would equip and help me become a more accomplished musician. Now that I have graduated, I realize that they did much more than that - they prepared me for life." -Tavi Jinariu, 2002 Graduate