Will I need a passport and visa?

A current passport IS REQUIRED and must not expire until six months after our return date. Please apply immediately, as it may take several weeks to process. Recent news alerts have stated that passport processing now seems to take more time than usual. Don’t delay in applying for your passport!!

A visa, however, is not required.

Are there any vaccinations required for this trip?

No vaccinations are required.

I live outside of California. May I travel directly to Israel, or do I need to join the group at LAX?

The IBEX Office will put you in touch with a travel agent if you wish to make other arrangements. It is possible to leave from other major airports and connect with the group in New York City (JFK). We generally discourage travel to Israel apart from the group due to potential scheduling conflicts. If you do travel on your own to Israel, land-only cost of the trip is $2,025 (or $1,950 if paid by check). However, we are not able to arrange ground transportation or hotels for alternative travel arrangements if your flight schedule does not match that of the Friends and Family group. You will need to BE SURE you arrive before the group does if you want to ride on the bus from the airport to the IBEX campus. Itinerary details will be available for those who might need it for flight planning.

In light of the current conflicts in the Middle East, how safe is it to travel to Israel?

Rest assured that the IBEX Office does not want to put you in harm’s way. We won’t let the IBEX students go to Israel if we are convinced it is not safe, and we won’t pull the trigger on the Friends and Family trip (early January) if we have any concerns. We don’t go near Gaza during our trip. Israel is an amazingly safe place to be. Dr. Grisanti has been to Israel 20 times and has never felt unsafe. Events like those that took place in the summer are not commonplace at all. In the end, we trust God’s providence, and we are in continuous communication with people who know the status of travel in Israel.

Is there a way I can study and prepare for the teaching on this trip?

As the trip roster gets settled, Dr. Grisanti will add several study suggestions to the trip webpage. These resources will help those interested in laying some groundwork for what we hope to learn during our time together.

What happens if TMU decides to cancel the Family and Friends trip?

If we decide to cancel the F&F trip before the full payment is due (Jan. 12), we will fully refund the deposit or whatever a person has paid. However, after the full payment is made and that money goes to the airline and the land venues (in mid to late January), the money is out of our hands. If things get so bad at that point that we make the painful decision to cancel the trip (which I don't at all expect), we have no access to that money. That is where the travel insurance kicks in. That is why we are encouraging concerned people to buy the travel insurance--making sure they understand the parameters of the policy they choose.