Computer & Information Sciences

Computers are no longer huge machines hidden away in protected rooms and accessible to only a few highly-trained individuals. Instead, they are now used in almost every business, are on almost every desk, and have moved into every conceivable area of our lives. Understanding computers, their uses, and the concepts that underlie their construction are now part of a well-rounded education.

The goal of The Master's College Computer & Information Sciences (CIS) department is to prepare students to excel in an increasingly complex technical world while living lives that glorify God. CIS majors study computers both in theory and in practice, covering topics in software, hardware, networks, databases, the Web, and more. They also learn about the impact computers are having on the world, and ways they can be used to further God's kingdom.


The Master's College Department of Computer & Information Sciences offers degrees in two emphases: Computer Science (CS) and Information Systems (IS). When pursuing their computer information science degree California students will complete the core CIS courses, then takes additional courses in his or her selected emphasis.

A CIS degree helps prepare students for any of a number of careers, including Computer Programming, Web Design, Network Administration, Systems Analysis, Data Processing Management, or Teaching.

Computer Science

The emphasis in Computer Science is designed to give students a practical introduction to the world of computers. It focuses on the technical side of computing, presenting basic theoretical material while maintaining a practical focus. Graduates may pursue advanced degrees in Computer Science or seek work in a variety of technical positions.

Information Systems

The emphasis in Information Systems approaches computers from a more business-oriented perspective. It emphasizes business processes and how computers can be used to improve them. Analysis and design are stressed, along with an appropriate knowledge of business principles. Graduates will be prepared to pursue careers in the field of business information systems, one of the largest and fastest growing specialties in the world.

Credit by Examination

Students may receive credit by examination as follows:

  • Credit may be granted for Calculus I (MA121), Calculus II (MA122), or Introduction to Computer Programming (CS111).
  • Credit may be granted if the student submits proof of earned test scores of 3 or above on the appropriate AB/BC Advanced Placement tests of the College Board.
  • The department reserves the right to interview and/or retest students before granting credit by examination.

Comprehensive Exam

Students graduating with a degree in Computer Science or Information Systems may be required to take a comprehensive discipline-specific examination during their senior year, prior to graduation.

Department Requirements

All CIS majors are required to earn a grade of C or better in all courses in the CIS major. A student earning a grade below C must repeat the course until a grade of C or above is earned.