Student ID and ID Card

Your Student I.D. Number: 

You can view your Student I.D. Number by clicking on the "My Profile" tab, and selecting the "Account Information" sub tag. It will appear on the page (labeled as System ID), along with your username, name, and e-mail address.

Your Student I.D. Card:

 As an online student, it can be helpful to have a student ID card, you may be eligible for a student discount at some of you favorite retail locations or restaurants. Even if you are not on-site at the campus, we can print an ID card for you if you send us a picture. Just follow the instructions as follows:

o   Take a suitable photo of yourself. You should be the only subject in the photo. Make sure the background is not distracting. Taking a photo against a wall or against a whiteboard is a good idea. Do not use any props or costume attire. Provide adequate lighting.

o   Frame the photo so that it your head and shoulders are in focus and centered in the photo.  This photo should be a close-up shot of you. We may be able to crop the picture for you, but make sure that the picture shows your face and shoulders clearly.

o   If you are able, crop the picture into a square of 600 x 600 pixels and save to your computer. Attach the photo in an email and email to

Here is an example of what your photo should look like:

Correct I.D. Picture

Here are a few examples of incorrect photos:

Incorrect Photo