Master of Arts Biblical Studies 


The Master’s University offers a Master’s of Biblical Studies in an online format.  The online MABS has been patterned after the university's Summer Intensive Program (SIP) version of the degree.  It provides a systematic graduate-level study through the various sections of the Old and New Testaments.  It also includes an examination of the major categories of Christian Theology with particular focus on their application to current societal issues. Through the use of six units of independent study coursework, the student is able to develop a more advanced understanding of the biblical foundation and methods of selected aspects of church ministry that are particularly relevant to their life situation.


Major Requirements

Course #

Course Title


Course #

Course Title



Introduction to Biblical Studies *



Letters & Theology of Paul



Hermeneutics **



General Epistles & Revelation



Creation and Covenant



Central Themes in Biblical Theology



History of the Covenant People



Contemporary Issues in Theology



Prophecy and Prophets in Context 


  One of these 2  


Land of the Bible




Worship and Wisdom



  Physical Geography of Israel  


  Historical Background of the N.T.     


Independent Study Electives ****



  Life, Ministry, & Theology of Christ  



Seminar in Applied Biblical Studies ***



  Early Church & Book of Acts      


Total units Required



Program-level Learning Outcomes

A graduate from TMC Online MA program in Biblical Studies should be able to:

  1. Research available biblical and theological literature to develop a concise, biblically-supported synthesis of the supernatural and historical origin, the primary purposes, focus, and content outline of each of the 66 books of the Biblical canon.
  2. Use correct hermeneutical principles to present a theologically-defensible explanation, interpretation, and application(s) of any given biblical text in its historical and theological dimensions.
  3. Research available biblical and theological literature to construct a detailed biblically-supported analysis of the central theological themes of the Scriptures relating them to the ten categories of systematic theology.
  4. Analyze the key presuppositions of selected prevailing worldviews and develop a detailed, biblically-supported comparison of each with the foundational assumptions of a biblical worldview. 
  5. Develop thoughtful, defensible responses to prevalent contemporary personal, ecclesiastical, and societal issues which: a) are founded on a biblical worldview, b) make accurate and effective use of the biblical text, and c) are consistent with the principles of systematic theology.
  6. Demonstrate ability to perform and communicate graduate level biblical research that includes application principles for practical ministry and living where appropriate.


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Program Entrance Requirements

In order to be admitted to TMU’s online MABS program an individual must have completed as bachelor’s degree at an accredited college or university. In addition, prior to beginning MABS coursework, the student must have a strong foundational understanding of the Bible and Theology.  This can be demonstrated through either of the following: 

  • Complete at least 18 semester units of undergraduate-level Biblical Studies coursework in Old Testament (6 units), New Testament (6 units), and Christian Theology (6 units) with a minimum 2.75 GPA for those 18 units (Available through TMU Online General Education Courses). If necessary, these units may be taken concurrently with MABS classes within certain limitations. Contact Online office for details. 
  • Complete a three-part comprehensive entrance examination in Old Testament, New Testament, and Christian Theol­ogy to certify a level of theological knowledge necessary for graduate study.  
    • The exam is taken once you have been accepted into the program and it is free to take. To prepare for the exam we have a study guide.

Format and Schedule

All required courses are taught in an online format during two 8-week sessions over three semesters each year. This schedule enables students to qualify for federal financial aid. 

TMU Online courses contain a variety of proven online instructional approaches including brief video lectures, topical videos from the Internet or other resources, interactive exercises & lessons. In addition, students will engage each other and the instructor through online discussion forums, chat and video conferencing sessions, and instant messaging. Student assessments will include online quizzes and exams, written papers, online speeches, role-plays, and presentations, depending on the program.  

Degree Requirement Summary

 Click here to print a summary of the degree requirements for the Master of Biblical Studies. 

Application Requirements

  1. Faith in Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior
  2. New application coming Monday. Click here to request info
  3. A sealed official College transcript
  4. $35 application fee