The Master's College

Proctoring Information

If the course is being taken for credit, exam proctoring may be required. In such cases, the student will be unable to access their exams without a password provided to an approved proctor by TMC Online. Each applicant planning to take a course with proctored exams must submit a Proctored Testing Agreement Form by the end of the first week of the course. Click here to see which courses have a proctored exam. Proctored exam information is also available to registered students on their course home page or syllabus.

How does exam proctoring work?

  • Find an appropriate proctor before the end of the first week of courses.
  • Complete the Proctored Testing Agreement Form and submit to TMC Online.
  • Provide your exam schedule to your approved proctor and schedule your exams in advance of the testing window on the course home page.
  • Meet with your proctor to take the exams during the timeframe outlined in your syllabus and course home page.
  • A failure to assume these responsibilities could result in a failing grade on the exam (at the course instructor's discretion).

How to find an approved proctor

A proctor can be someone with no conflict of interest with upholding TMC's Academic Integrity Policies.

  • Your local church's pastor or staff person
  • Missionary if international student
  • Educational administrators or librarians at a college, university or high school (check
  • On the TMC campus if student is local
  • Librarian at a public library
  • Learning Center, ESO or an officer of higher rank than the student, if in the military.
  • Private testing center

Approved proctors are NOT: relatives, friends, spouses, neighbors, and coworkers.

Note: any associated proctoring fees, if applicable, must be paid by the student.

The proctor's responsibilities: There must be a reliable internet connection for all test taking. The proctor will enter an exam-specific password on the course home page which allows the student to access the exam and monitor the student to make sure that test procedures are being followed. These could include time limit, book or note usage, or equipment use (i.e. calculator). The student must not have access to the exam password and duplications of the exam cannot be made in any circumstances.