Academic Policies


Credit Enrollments

Students can add and drop courses with the open registration period before courses begin. After the first day of class, students must submit a Petition to Add or Drop a Class form and email it to their advisor or to

The session drop dates will be as follows:

Online Courses Dropped

You will receive a refund of

And will receive a grade of

By the Tuesday of the second week


No grade will be given

By the Tuesday of the third week



By the Tuesday of the fourth week



By the Tuesday of the fifth week



By the Tuesday of the Sixth week



After the Tuesday of the sixth week until the end of the course




Additional Notes:


Due to the accelerated pace of online courses, requests to add a course after Thursday of the first week of the classes will be considered on a case-by-case basis


The student is responsible for submitting the add/drop form to their advisor. The add/drop will be effective based on the time-stamp of the email received by their advisor.

Audit Enrollments

Audit students who withdraw from classes before course materials have been received are eligible for a full tuition refund. There are no tuition refunds for Audit Enrollments after they have received either access to their course home page or a DVD lecture set.


Bills will be processed and sent on the 20th of the month following the end of registration.  Payments are due on the 10th of the month following the month of billing. If a student has not paid in full within 1 day of the payment due date, his/her account will be disabled.  This means that he/she will no longer be able to access course materials or homepages and will be stopped from any future registration.  Full account privileges will be restored upon payment.  If a student continues to neglect payment, standard delinquent account policies will apply.

International students are required to pay for courses prior to registering by calling Student Accounts at 661-362-2237 or making a payment here.


Textbooks are listed under Courses and can be purchased from our bookstore or an online retailer in advance of the course start date. Please ensure you have the required textbooks at the beginning of the course, and by the end of the first week at the latest. Students are responsible for completing assigned reading and submitting assignments according to the syllabus. Extensions are not granted for reasons which include not having access to course textbooks.

Audit Students

The Master's College Online department extends enrollment of online courses to students not wishing to pursue course credit, but rather are interested in personal enrichment. Such applicants are classified as 'audit' students.

Audit students enrolled in a course are able to access the course home page through the Learning Management platform, Joule for the duration of the course session. The course home page provides access to all course learning materials including video lectures, lecture notes, related handouts, the course e-book and other course resources.

Participation and Grading

Audit students can, and are encouraged to participate in discussion forums, but are under no obligation to do so. Given that audit students are not to receive grades, students are not required nor permitted to submit assignments or course work to the instructor for review or grading.


Copyright Policy

Students are required to adhere to The Master's College Copyright policy which states that course materials and resources are for personal educational use only. Reproduction and/or distribution of course materials is restricted.