E211 - English Literature I

This course is designed to present a broad overview of the literature of Britain from the early Middle Ages through the Renaissance to the edge of the Enlightenment, or from approximately 700 to 1700 AD. Massive changes in language, religion, politics, art forms -- the whole of culture and society -- make this era of history both fascinating and difficult. However, early Britain is largely the root source of our American culture, particularly in its Protestant and evangelical expression: much of what you are today has been deeply influenced by the texts you will be reading for this course. This course is 8 weeks long.

Lecturer: Dr. Grant Horner


  1. Gain a general understanding and appreciation for the literary achievements of the period; grasping the historical context of art in early modern Britain;
  2. Develop an ability to read and understand a wide variety of literary texts and to interpret these in the light of a biblical worldview;
  3. Personal spiritual growth as seen in an increased capability for reading non-biblical materials in a sensitive, biblically-critical mode;
  4. Appreciate the creative artistry of a given artifact while remaining aware of it as the product of sinful humanity;
  5. Be able to write about and discuss literary art from a definitively Christocentric position.

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