Travel-Study Options


IBEX Semester

The Graduate Studies program is excited to offer students the opportunity to study abroad in Israel for a 15-week semester through our Israel-Bible EXtension program (IBEX). This program provides students with the unique privilege to learn the Bible in the land of the Bible. Class lectures often include field trips and excavations, enriching students with geographical, historical, archaeological, and cultural understanding of the ancient and modern land of Israel.  Learn more about the richness of this program and see snapshots of life in the Holy Land through first-hand IBEX Blog accounts.

IBEX Summer

The program also offers a shorter 3-week study abroad program in Israel. These short-term trips occur every even-numbered year in conjunction with The Master's Seminary Israel Field Studies. From May to June, students who participate in this trip will have the opportunity to dig at a working archaeological Site, attend special lectures, and explore the city of Jerusalem. (Preparatory coursework is done in the spring term prior to trip departure.)

Turkey & Greece

TGST Winter

Furthermore, the program offers students the opportunity to study abroad in Turkey and Greece for two and a half weeks through our Turkey and Greece Study Tour (TGST). From the end of December to the middle of January, students have the privilege of experiencing the sites and sounds of Paul's journeys and the Early Church. (Preparatory coursework is done in the fall term prior to trip departure.) By visiting New Testament archaeological sites and museums, students will also learn about the religion and culture of these two countries.