Financial Information

Payment Options

There are two payment plans available for MABS students: Full Payment and 4-Month Plan.

Payment in Full

With the payment in full plan, all tuition and course fees are due in full in anticipation of the approaching semester: If payments are received after respective due dates, a $25 late payment fee will be added.  The following payment option is available at a fee of $35 per semester in lieu of making payments in full.

Monthly Payment

The semester cost of tuition will be divided into four monthly payments. Students must select the Monthly Payment Plan on their pre-registration form in order to take advantage of this option. A $35 per term fee will be applied, but no interest will be charged. A $25 late fee for payments not received within a 5-day grace period may also apply.

Independent Studies

Independent Studies format course tuition and book order costs must be paid for in full at the time of registration.

Refund Policy

The $35 payment plan fee (if applicable) is non-refundable. Tuition costs are refundable according to a graduated scale (below). Room & Board is 100% refundable for the Summer term if cancelled by June 1st. After the 1st of June, room and board are non-refundable (0%). Course fees are fully refundable (100%) only if the student drops the course during the first two weeks of class following registration.

Percentage of Tuition Refunded

During first week 100%
During second week 90%
During third week 75%
During fourth week 60%
During fifth week 45%
During sixth week 30%
During seventh week 15%
During eighth week 5%
Ninth week and later none

Tuition and Fees

Application Fee $35
Tuition $400 per unit
Room & Board $395 per week (Single)
Books $2000*

*Estimated Cost of books and Bible Software for the entire program

Costs current as of March 2014
All costs are subject to change without notice

Financial Aid


Students must be enrolled at least 1/2 time (4 units) to receive Stafford loans. Loan eligibility varies from student to student. Please contact the Office of Financial Aid to determine individual eligibility.