Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling

We equip students to accurately interpret the Scripture for insightfully understanding the thoughts and intentions of the heart, to grasp the complexity and practicality of theology, and to discern how to appropriately apply the Scripture in truth and grace in evangelism, counseling, and discipleship.

We are passionate about the sufficiency of Scripture, its unique design to comprehensively inform matters of counseling. Our training equips the whole person, building into the student biblical content, character, relational competencies, and community.

Program Description

The Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling (MABC) is designed to be intensely practical. The content of the courses emphasizes the practical skills of counseling without neglecting the solid biblical foundation on which these skills are built. The classes, homework and reading assignments can be practically implemented in each student's life and ministry immediately. Each course the student takes will enhance his walk with God and ministry.

Course instruction articulates from the biblical text the content and methodology of counseling enabling students to meaningfully and insightfully differentiate and critique various Christian and secular counseling theories and methods, and compare them with the fundamental assumptions of biblically-based counseling. Students are first equipped with interpretative tools and correct hermeneutical principles to accurately exegete biblical passages for counseling purposes, while also pursuing personal progressive sanctification. This foundation yields discernment in evaluating people’s character, mental processes, and behaviors from a biblical anthropology. However, because foundations and theory are still only one side of the task, the program trains students to demonstrate competence in counseling and discipleship of individuals using the biblical text and effective interpersonal skills. Finally, the program develops the student as a practitioner-researcher--able to teach, train, and write in the field of biblical counseling.

Contact Information

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