Financial Information

Tuition and Fees

The total cost for the Master of Arts degree is itemized as follows:

Application Fee $50
Tuition $435/credit hour
Parking Permit $20/term
Technology Fee* $15/term + tax
Room & Board** $495/week
Books & Materials*** $1500


* The M.A. in Biblical Counseling is a 34 credit hour degree program; the M.A. in Biblical Studies is a 36 credit hour degree program.

** A Housing & Meal package is available during the Summer Intensive Weeks, during the summer term, for the price indicated in the table above. Housing, however, is very limited during the Fall and Spring semesters, and meals are sold individually on-site. For those semesters, interested students should make special request to the Office of Student Life to explore housing options.

*** Required Bible Software and journal subscriptions are a large portion of this estimated cost, and are expected to be obtained at the beginning of the program.


Payment Options 


  • Payment in Full

With the payment in full plan, all tuition and course fees are due in full in anticipation of the approaching semester: If payments are received after respective due dates a $25 late payment fee will be added. The following payment option is also available at a fee for $85 per semester in lieu of making payment in full.

  • Monthly Payment

The semester cost of tuition will be divided into four monthly payments. Students must select the Monthly payment plan on their pre-registration form to take advantage of this option. An $85 per term fee will be applied, but no interest will be charged. A $25 late fee for payments not received within a 5-day grace period may also apply.


Refund Policy

The $85 payment plan fee (if applicable) is non-refundable (0%). Tuition costs are refundable according to a graduated scale (below). Room & Board is 100% refundable for the Summer term if canceled by June 1. After the 1st of June, room and board are non-refundable (0%). Course and lab fees are fully refundable (100%) only if the student drops the course during the first two weeks of class following registration.

Percentage of Tuition Refunded
During first week 100%
During second week 100%
During third week 75%
During fourth week 60%
During fifth week 45%
During sixth week 30%
During seventh week 15%
During eighth week 5%
Ninth week and later none


Financial Aid 

Application Process for Students Receiving Loans

1. Complete a Master of Arts Financial Aid Application.

2. Fill out the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) listing The Master's University & Seminary as your preferred school choice (Title IV school code: 001220).

3. Submit any additional documents required by the Office of Financial Aid.

4. Submit official transcripts to the Registrar's office. If you already submitted official transcripts to the Graduate Admissions Coordinator in your application process, then you will not need to submit anything for this step. Any student receiving graduate level loans must have an undergraduate degree conferred.

5. Once your aid is determined, you will be sent an Award Letter.

6. Return completed Award Letter to the Office of Financial Aid.

7. Students receiving loans at The Master's University for the first time will need to complete the Master Promissory Note and complete Entrance Loan Counseling before their loan is finalized. 


Types of Aid Available 

Unsubsidized Stafford Loans

Unsubsidized Stafford Loans are student loans that may exceed demonstrated financial need, but may not exceed the cost of tuition.

  • Students must be enrolled at least 1/2 time (4 units) to receive Stafford loans.
  • Annual Limit: Up to $20,500
  • Interest Rate: 5.31% fixed
  • Repayment: six months after the student drops below 1/2 time or graduates
  Loan eligibility varies from student to student. Please contact the Office of Financial Aid to determine individual eligibility.


Scholarships: (Only available for MABC)

The Master's University strives to offer a Christ-centered education within financial reach for students preparing for ministry vocation. Great care, therefore, is given to keeping tuition expenses at a minimum. While the present tuition cost represents this effort, the university is enabled to offer limited scholarships and grants through the financial assistance of faithful Christian friends, churches, and alumni who  provide support through generous gifts and prayer. With the establishment of scholarships and direct gifts, hundreds of students have been trained and prepared for specific fields of work and service. Scholarships must be applied for on a semester by semester basis. To be eligible for any of the scholarships listed below, students who apply must be taking 3 or 4 classes (i.e., full-time student) in the semester for which they are applying for the scholarship. Students who desire to be considered for scholarships and grants should first complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at using school code 001220, a Graduate Financial Aid Application, a Graduate Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy form. An additional application form must be sent to the Graduate Studies director each term to be considered for institutional scholarships. Please contact the Graduate Admissions Coordinator at or 661-362-2652 for this additional form. 


The Ministry Scholarship

Designed to encourage Christian organizations (local churches, Christian schools, missions organization, etc.) whose ministries are consistent with the mission of the Master's University to provide corporate scholarship support for students attending the M.A. in Biblical Counseling program with strong ministry potential. This scholarship is not intended to match wages, internship moneys, or gifts from individuals for specific students. Awards to students are based on ministry potential, while also considering areas of financial need, and academic achievement. Students are expected to be enrolled full-time each semester to qualify for the scholarship. The scholarship will not exceed 50% of the student's tuition costs for any given term.


The MABC Scholarship

Awarded to MABC students in their second and third year of the program and based on ministry potential, financial need, and academic achievement. Students are expected to be enrolled full-time each term. The scholarship will not exceed 50% of the student's tuition costs for any given term.


The Dr. Robert Smith Scholarship

Awarded to the previous year's most outstanding MABC student. Based on ministry potential, financial need, and academic achievement. Students are expected to be enrolled full-time each term to be eligible for this scholarship.


The Dr. Robert Somerville Scholarship

Awarded to the most outstanding graduate of the traditional BABC degree program at the Master's University applied to the first year of MABC studies--based on ministry potential, financial need, and academic achievement. Students are expected to be enrolled full-time each term to be eligible for this scholarship. 


Scholarship Contact Information

All scholarships are administered by the MABC Department. For more information on scholarships, please contact Greg Gifford 661.362.2644 or


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Contact Information:

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Financial Aid Counselor
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