Program Outline

The M.A. in Biblical Studies is a 36 credit hour graduate degree program, designed to allow students to pursue in-depth training in Biblical Studies.

Course Formats

Courses are pursued through a combination of on-campus, correspondence, and travel-study courses. The program is designed to give students maximum flexibility in progressing through the degree while also strategically offering instruction in the format best suited for effective educational training. With these available formats, the entire degree may be earned without relocating to Southern California.

Courses which are only offered on-campus--because of their unique advantage in a traditional classroom setting--are pursued through our intensive courses (courses which meet intensively for 1 week on campus in July and from a distance the rest of the term--formerly known as our "Summer Intensive Program"). Twenty four (24) units must be completed on campus.  The remaining 12 units are completed by correspondence or travel-study format.

Intensive courses (available only during the Summer term only) are designed to serve those in various parts of the world who are entrenched in their current ministries and without the ability to relocate to Southern California. These summer term courses extend from May to August, but intensive lectures and classroom dialogue are conducted in a single week period always scheduled during the last two weeks of July. Preparatory and follow-up studies surround the intensive week. Students are encouraged to take four courses each summer (which include two weeks of intensive class meetings) in order to complete the on-campus requirement in 2 1/2 years.

During the fall and spring terms, students will take their correspondence courses or travel-study courses.

Program Length

The program is optimally completed in two to four years, but program length may depend on the student's own schedule and external commitments. Typically, students complete their course work in a three to four year period. The degree must be completed within six years of enrollment.

Program Framework

The M.A. in Biblical Studies is awarded to students who successfully fulfill the requirements of the following courses.

Required Courses (Credits)

  • BTS500: Introduction to Biblical Studies (2)
  • BTS501: Hermeneutics (2)
  • BTS511: Creation and Covenant (2)
  • BTS512: History of the Covenant People (2)
  • BTS513: Prophecy and Prophets in Context (2)
  • BTS515: Worship and Wisdom (2)
  • BTS520: History of Acts and the Early Church (2)*
  • BTS521: Historical Background of the New Testament (2)
  • BTS522: Life, Ministry and Theology of Christ (2)
  • BTS523: Life, Ministry and Theology of Paul (2)
  • BTS524: General Epistles and Revelation (2)
  • BTS551: Central Themes in Biblical Theology (2)
  • BTS571: Contemporary Issues in Theology (2)
  • BTS572: Seminar in Applied Biblical Studies (2)
  • IBEX570: Physical Geography of Israel (2)**

Finally, all students will be required to complete a comprehensive written examination which will evaluate the student's depth of biblical and theological knowledge and mastery of MABS program learning outcomes.

*BTS520 may be substituted with the BTS530 Religion and Culture of Turkey and Greece correspondence course. **IBEX570 may be substituted with the BTS510 Land of the Bible online course.

Elective Course (Credits)

The student will take 6 additional elective credits course, related to his specific research or ministry interests. 

Suggested Schedule for Degree Progress


Remote Library Access

In order to facilitate research from off campus locations, the college library provides remote access to many of The Master's College's online databases. This access allows the student to search the available databases from any computer off campus that has an Internet connection. Currently, The Master's College has over 20 databases available with remote access. Students are welcome to contact the library directly if they need help with their research needs.