For those currently attending the Master's Seminary, the Degree Completion Program at the Master’s College provides the perfect complement to your training at the seminary, while also allowing you to earn your Bachelor’s Degree and accredited M.Div. For those who are not in seminary, but have aspirations of attending in the future, the Degree Completion Program can provide the theological and academic preparation you need before moving to the next level of your training in seminary.


  • No need to apply – you are already accepted  into the program as a TMS student
  • Financial Aid is available
  • Classes are offered in the evening – no conflict with your seminary schedule
  • Transfer first year Greek (NT401, NT402) in as electives toward your Bachelor's Degree
  • Biblical Counseling degree provides a useful supplement to seminary curriculum for ministry training
  • Receive an accredited M.Div. at the end of your seminary training
  • Open up opportunities for further education: Th.M., D.Min., etc



  • Christian Ministries degree provides an in-depth study of the Word of God, while also allowing you to earn your Bachelor's Degree.
  • By learning about the character of God, theological basis of the Church, and the practical application of God's Word, students develop a strong foundation upon which to begin seminary fully prepared.
  • Stronger consideration for acceptance into The Master's Seminary as a graduate of The Master's College
  • Financial Aid is available
  • Accelerated Program – as few as 20 months, going 1 night per week
  • Online classes available for General Education and Elective credits

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