• Accelerated, non-traditional, adult Degree Completion program within Los Angeles county of Southern California
  • Bachelor's degrees offered in three majors; Biblical CounselingChristian MinistriesOrganizational Management
  • Each course meets one evening each week from 6pm - 10pm; online and weekend options are available
  • Major courses are delivered in a "cohort" learning style, meaning students go through the major curriculum with one group of students
  • Cohort schedule is done sequentially and takes approximately 20 months to complete
  • All General Education requirements offered on-campus or online to allow flexibility for the student



  • All courses are taught from a Biblical worldview where God's word is supreme and authoritative
  • Fosters personal relationships and mentoring among students and faculty in accordance to college Mission Statement
  • Students can attain all General Education requirements through the program
  • Encourages stronger relationships in Christ through accountability, fellowship, and prayer
  • Spouses of current students can audit any course with the enrolled student for free
  • Degree Completion alumni can audit any course at no cost