Resources on Intellectual Property Law

Copyright Law Web Sites

  • US Copyright Office:
  • LOC Circulars and Form Letters:
  • The full text of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act:
  • TEACH Act:
  • Legal Information Institute:

Books on Copyright Law

  • 101 Questions About Copyright Law / Andrew Alpern. Mineola (NY): Dover Publications, 1999. [R/346.7304/AL74o/1999]
  • Copyright Essentials for Librarians and Educators / Kenneth D. Crews. Chicago: American Library Association, 2000. [R/346.7304/C867c/2000]
  • Copyright law on campus / Marc Lindsey. Pullman, Wash : Washington State University Press, c2003. [346.730482 L645c, 2003]
  • Getting Permission: How to License & Clear Copyrighted Materials Online & Off / Richard Stim. Berkeley: Nolo, 2001. [R/346.7304/St54g/2001]
  • Libraries and Copyright: A Guide to Copyright Law in the 1990's / Laura N. Gasaway and Sarah K. Wiant. Washington, D.C.: Special Libraries Association, 1994. [R/346.0482/G21L/1994]
  • Multimedia Law and Business Handbook / J. Dianne Brinson and Mark F. Radcliffe. Menlo Park (CA): Ladera Press, 1996. [R/346.0482/B772m/1996]
  • Patent, Copyright & Trademark / Stephen Elias. Berkeley: Nolo Press, 1997. [R/346.0482/EL42p/1997]
  • The public domain : how to find copyright-free writings, music, art & more / Fishman, Stephen. Berkeley, CA :, 2001. [346.7304 F539p]
  • Questions and Answers on Copyright for the Campus Community / Association of American Publishers, National Association of College Stores, Inc. (U.S.) and Software & Information Industry Association. [6th ed] Washington, DC : Association of American Publishers ; Oberlin, OH : National Association of College Stores ; Washington, DC : Software & Information Industry Association, c.2003. [346.0482 Q38a]
  • Technology and Copyright Law: a Guidebook for the Library, Research, and Teaching Professions / Arlene Bielefield and Lawrence Cheeseman. New York: Neal-Schuman Publishers, 1999. [R/346.7304/B476t/1999]
  • The Copyright Handbook: How to Protect and Use Written Works / Stephen Fishman. 5th ed. Berkeley: Nolo, 2000. [R/346.7304/F539c/2000]
  • The Copyright Primer for Librarians and Educators / Janis H. Bruwelheide. 2nd ed. Chicago: American Library Association; Washington, D.C.: National Education Association, 1995. [R/346.0482/B839c/1995]

Online Copyright Tutorials

  • NCSU Copyright Tutorial:
  • Crash Course in Copyright:
  • Copyright Primer:
  • Copyright Quickguide:
  • CopyOwn-Tutorial:

Additional Copyright Resources

  • What Every Teacher Should Know about copyright:
  • UCLA Policy 964: Online Copyright Infringement Liability Limitation
  • Copyright Clearance Center:
  • Copyright Management Center:
  • Stanford University Libraries Copyright and Fair Use:
  • UCLA Cyberspace:
  • CETUS: Fair Use of Copyrighted Works:
  • New Copyright Law for Distance Education:
  • TEACH Act Toolkit:
  • The TEACH Act finally becomes law:
  • WATCH: Writers, Authors and Their Copyright Holders:
  • An intellctual property primer: Protecting your investment with Copyright, Patent, Trade Secret and Trademark:
  • Copyright Law and Graduate Research:

Multimedia & Technology

  • Intellectual Property & Technology Forum:
  • An Intellectual Property Law Primer for Multimedia and Web Developers:
  • Legal Information for Internet Professionals:
  • Multimedia Law and Business Handbook / J. Dianne Brinson and Mark F. Radcliffe. Menlo Park (CA): Ladera Press, 1996. [R/346.0482/B772m/1996]

Trademark Law

  • United States Patent and Trademark Office:

Information about U.S. Trademark Law

  • Trademark Law Overview, Legal Information Institute:
  • BitLaw - A Resource on Technology Law:
  • Primer on Trademark and Internet Addresses:
  • Overview of Trademark Law:

International Trademark Law

  • International Trademark Association:
  • International Trademark Law Treaty:
  • Nairobi Treaty on the Protection of the Olympic Symbol:

Patent Law

  • U.S. Patent Law, U.S. Patent and Trademark Office:
  • U.S. Patent Rules, U.S. Patent and Trademark Office:

Information about U.S. Patent Law

  • U.S. Supreme Court Patent Decisions, Legal Information Institute:
  • Overview of Patent Law, Legal Information Institute:
  • BitLaw - A Resource on Technology Law:
  • Patent Law at MIT:

International Patent Law

  • Patent Law Treaty: